With a brand new album in their luggage from Inner Ear Records and a mini tour starting this Thursday in Thessaloniki (Megaro Mousikis), continuing the next day in Larisa (Stage) and finishing on 9th December in Athens (Gagarin 205 Live Music Space), Gravitysays_i (Manos Paterakis) provide us with some answers in a brief interview that was taken for Last Day Deaf.

After noticing some basic titles, or to rephrase it, some words which could label the band directly, like Gravity, Patterns, Quantum, I would like to ask you what is your true relationship with the science of Physics?

I like to read books about stars, parallel universes and really small particles. I’m a truth seeker and the field of Physics is the ideal field for the answers I’m looking for. But not in a, strictly, academic way… I’m fond of the philosophical approach of Physics like Carl Sagan’s or George Grammatikakis’ work.

How did you connect the theory of quantums from the science of Physics with an almost associative philosophical idea about life resulting to the name of the new album and to what extent do you believe that reality, -what we are experiencing-, is a malleable reality?

To some extent, yes. Reality is malleable. But not, in a magical way… There are no magic wands… You have to work on it. Read books, be self-critical, forgive, and help each other.

Which was the point of reaction – ignition – start that fired the change of the band’s sound from album to album?

For us, having a different sound from album to album is what makes it interesting. Also the concept of each album somehow leads us on how to shape the arrangements. For example, five years ago we expressed how we felt about the modern world. That had to be with male –protesting – choir. On our latest album we needed to, let’s say, escape from anything “earthy”, enter huge synths. So, there is not exactly A point where everything starts. I would describe it as a sense of direction. Given by the material we have in our hands. A direction we’re thrilled to follow. This is the way of how we work.


A quick thought for each of the album’s six songs….

More Than A Matter Of Instinct’ = The older we get the lonelier we feel.

Of Woe / Migratory Birds’ = A woe shaped flock.

Dowser’ = A way of living.

An Ivory Heart’ = Treasures in the most unheeded places.

Every Man For Himself’ = Every man for himself indeed.

Quantum Unknown (Riveted Eye)’ = A way of perceiving the world.

Do you prefer Hatzidakis or Theodorakis and why?

I haven’t met Hatzidakis or Theodorakis so my choice comes from my relationship with their music. Manos had a unique sense of melody and rhythm, therefore life. A sense I admire.

Do you consider your music theatrical? And if so, would you ever consider creating the soundtrack of a film?

Definitely! We would love to create the soundtrack of a film.

Would you like to share with us a significant moment of the band during the recording of the new album?

The recordings of our third album spread over a period of four years with a few pauses between. The significant moments are countless. From the early days where me and Nikos recorded the first demos or later when Mampre and Vaggelis joined the band and added their character to ‘Quantum Unknown’.

A nominal list of the ten songs that have influenced you during the creation of the new album.

Snowflake’ – Kate Bush, ‘Pirate’s Gospel’ – Alela Diane, ‘July Flame’ – Laura Veirs, ‘Black Tables’ – Other Lives, ‘Who By Fire’ – Leonard Cohen, ‘Working Class Hero’ – Marianne Faithfull, ‘Run Of The Mill’ – George Harrison, ‘Your My Chocolate’ – Savages, ‘Kila Gorgopotame’ – Edo Lilipoupoli, ‘Unknown Legend’ – Neil Young.

Do you believe that you could get involved as a band only with ambient music without the mixing of rock sounds in the future?

Most likely, yes. Let’s say we’re heading on – not exactly ambient landscapes -but definitely, more stripped to the core terrains.

Photo credits: Sotiria Pagoulatou (1st one), Thodoris Tsenoglou (2nd one)

Makis Gevros