One of the names that changed indie music history, Mr. Alan McGee (Creation Records), confirmed via Creation Record’s Facebook account, that our all-time favorite Scottish band The Jesus And Mary Chain, are going to drop their new, and first album in 18 years, in March 2017. The post read: “The Jesus And Mary Chain will be dropping their new record March 2017.. on Warners… of course!!!

Also, on an interview with CBC last week McGee confirmed that: “They’ve made another album! It’s a big deal! It’s unbelievable. They’ve just made an album and I’ve signed them to Warners!“, and continued, “New album coming. It’s coming out end of next March. It’s kinda enormous!“.

These words are more than encouraging from a man that knows JAMC since their very first days, when they were struggling to book a gig. This should be it, then! Cannot wait…

Christos Doukakis

A warm-up…One of the songs that changed music history: