Fuel Eater is a heavy rock band formed in 2012 in Patras. They have self-released an EP in 2014 ‘Fuel Eater’ and a LP in 2015 (‘Centralia’). On January 28th they are going to perform at ILION Plus in Athens. Catch them if you can…

As far as I know, Patras has a quite active local music scene. How long had you been active as musicians until Fuel Eater were born?

We had been active some time before Fuel Eater was born, everyone in different projects even before some of us had moved in Patras for studies or work. The local scene here brought us together eventually and that’s when we started.

Looking at your Bandcamp page I noticed a comment from someone living abroad who amazed from Greek bands, wonders if music is taught in schools. I know there is a music school in Patras. Do you have an educational background or are you self-taught?

We all had some lessons while we were younger but not in a formal academic way. I think that this comment was referring to the awesomeness of the Greek underground scene as whole and that some things make us really proud and happy.

It seems you are very active regarding live shows around the country along with many bands. Although it might seem obvious, what have you gained so far from this kind of experience?

Travelling a lot gives a whole different perspective on what a rock n roll band is all about. It makes you take your work more seriously and act in a more professional way. Seeing beautiful new places and making lots of great friends while listening to new music is the best bonus anyone could ask for!

You go so far under no label. Does this make it more difficult to communicate your work or the live shows are a satisfying mean as well to do so?

In this day and age, labels, promoters etc. are only good for one thing, exploiting a band. We live in an era where social media have taken control of the industry so that’s what we use and it works out just fine. So the answer is no. It is not difficult in the slightest. The live show was always the best mean to get your work out there and that’s what we do and we enjoy it 100%.

In addition to the previous question, is there a future work we can expect from you any time soon?

Our debut album is coming full circle and we have already started working on our sophomore one. The plan is to have it released within 2017!

What are your main lyrical themes? Do you draw inspiration apart form your musical influences, also from the reality that surrounds you?

Reality in Greece nowadays is probably the biggest inspiration for a lot of bands here. In our lyrics there is a lot of questioning, critique and a much needed sense of escapism. All of these reflect the state of a country that has gone belly up during the last few years and serves as a cleansing for our own personal problems.

You will appear at ILION Plus in Athens on January 28th along with Craang and Golden Nugget. Will it be the first time you share the stage with these bands and are there other live shows to follow?

We are very excited for this show because we’ve heard great things about the venue plus we’ve never been in the same musical situation with these awesome bands before!

As far as other live shows go, one more is booked in our hometown Patras (March 17th) and it will serve the purpose of a 5 year anniversary party for our band.

Thank you for your time! Close this interview as you will!

We’d like to thank you for your hospitality and we hope to see everyone in our next shows. Keep supporting underground music!

Photo credits: Alexandra Balamoti

Mary Kalaitzidou