Photo credits: Lina Koska

We are more than excited to premiere ‘Sons Of Yesterday‘ from uprising alternative metal Ghost Season, prior to its 27th January album release ‘Like Stars In A Neon Sky‘, via Pavement Entertainment. We were also lucky enough to admire the group on its live appearance last October in Rainfest.


Athens-based Alternative Metal band Ghost Season will release its debut album, ‘Like Stars In A Neon Sky‘, tomorrow, on January 27 via Pavement Entertainment.
The album was co-produced by vocalist J.Loren Wince, from alt-rockers Hurt.

This is what we were waiting for,” said bassist Dorian Gates. “Over the last year we have put our hard work to make this album get to you. And we are blessed and honored to have by our side J Loren from Hurt and the guys at Pavement Entertainment.”

Guitarist Nick Christolis adds: “We blended in our music all of our influences: old meets new, classic meets modern. Thoughts turn into music, music becomes food for thought.”

The twelve-track beast follows the band’s 2014 EP  ‘Ghosts Like Her and includes the single ‘Break My Chains‘, which was released in December 2015. ‘Like Stars In A Neon Sky‘ also features an adrenalized rendition of Savage Garden’s pop hit ‘Break Me Shake Me‘.

Regarding ‘Sons Of Yesterday‘:

I wrote these lyrics to inspire and maybe lend some strength. It is an optimistic song for those with sad eyes and

uncomforted. Maybe for all of us?

Sometimes we crave changes in our life. Sometimes not. It’s a song about life itself. But it’s better that you decide. 

It’s Thursday the 26th, tomorrow the album is out, give it all ya got! Turn it up! Grab it on iTunes if ya dig it,

request it if your local rock radio isn’t spinning it yet and tell ’em you love it if they are! Love you all!

Sons Of Yesterday