We feel thrilled for today’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf of American darksynth/synthwave producer ACP PRO and his stunning new track ‘Atomic Trinity‘. Celestially produced to capture the 80s vibes, the highly imposing atmospheric soundscapes, and its almost monolithic progression, will gradually transfer the listener to a distant (fingers crossed!) dystopian future in which war, poverty and disillusion will be the norm. But what if…….the future is NOW!

Needless to say that the video is just brilliant and serves the music 100%. Fans of dystopian sci-fi horror like “Event Horizon” & “Hardware” should definitely invest their precius time….

Press Notes:

In a world consumed by today’s tragedies, we easily forget the past and are once again on the brink of a Cold War. The 1980s brought us New Wave, Punk, commercially successful horror films, and a nostalgia unparalleled to any other time, all while under threat of nuclear war. ACP PRO ventures into the future to bring you Atomic Trinity on October 22, 2022. We are on the verge of experiencing a real world horror like no other with major forces lurking in the shadows. ACP PRO has been re-envisioned as a solo act showcasing the audio and visuals of Vlad Opreanu. ACP PRO has performed live with Com Truise, FM Attack, Nina, Betamaxx, Street Cleaner, Dan Terminus, Parallels, Shredder 1984, Moondragon, Aeon Rings, Tim Capello, and many more.

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4semH...

Web – https://www.acppro.net/

Bandcamp – https://acppro.bandcamp.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ACPPRO1/

Insta – @acppro – https://www.instagram.com/acppro/?hl=en