More than enthusiastic for today’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf, by the London based collective Antics & Collectables (featuring Sons of Kemet‘s Eddie Hick) and their bombastic, leftfield electronica banger ‘Breaking Point‘.

This magnum opus, which is taken from the upcoming EP due in 2023, combines the astonishing production and sound, with a bold, genre-bending approach, combining breakbeat, jazztronica, funk, soul and indie electronic to create their very own, trademark sound. The accompanying video is equally enslaving and abstract.

Unmissable for every electronic music aficionado!

Press Notes:

New music collective Antics & Collectables are pleased to announce their debut release with the arrival of ‘Breaking Point’, lifted from the upcoming EP due in 2023.

Led by producer, composer, sound designer Alfonso De Grandis, ‘Breaking Point’ features East Sussex singer-songwriter Sam Mitchell and Sons of Kemet drummer Eddie Hick. Drawing on a myriad of influences from left-field electronica, funk, soul and jazz, the intricate soundscapes fuse seamlessly over Sam’s ethereal vocal delivery and Eddie’s organic percussions.

Alfonso explains: “Breaking Point started as an electronic improvisation at the beginning of the first pandemic. Having tidied up the improvised session I sent the idea to Sam without any direction. He came back with the vocals that for my taste were fitting perfectly. He is incredibly talented and has the gift of simplicity.”
He adds: “I decided that the drumming for the main part had to be acoustic rather than electronic. I then called Eddie, a friend and drummer from Sons of Kemet. His playing is full of feeling and he has such a distinctive style. Breaking point alternates between tension and release. Chaotic instability and a state of spiritual calm. It is a song about personal identity and its internal search.”

Alfonso De Grandis is an established sound designer, sound artist, composer and music producer, based in London, with more than fifteen years experience. His studio, In Hackney Wick, is part of the Grammy Awards nominated Urchin Studio recording complex. He is the chief sound designer of the awarded IMAGO Dance film series and he is part of Paradigm Weave, a collaboration with sound artist and composer Dani Joss, dedicated to the creation of site specific art and multichannel soundscapes.

In the TV and film industries his client list includes Discovery Channel, The Walt Disney Company, Vice, MTV, ITV, BT Sport, Noah Media Group, Dead Films, Sunset and Vine, BTTV, ESPN, Die Wolke Art Group and many more.

The samples and layers that form his sonic palette are from his extensive library of unique sounds that he has collected over the years in various parts of the world. He has sampled biophony and geophony in Turkey, Morocco, Italy, The United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The project Antics & Collectables was founded in 2022 although its inception dates back to January 2017. On route from Sydney to Melbourne and the casual stop by a massive Antiques and collectables store. Pieces of furniture, paintings and objects of earlier periods were for sale. Mostly decorative, unsophisticated and unrefined. Some completely uninteresting while some incredibly powerful and evocative. All together it felt like an amazing place for a person to wander around and connect emotionally and personally to an object.

Antics and collectables aims to be a collaborative musical parallel. It is about memories and daydreams, it is about collecting fragments of time. It is an ensemble of vivid blurring shape-shifted by time. The process of discovery, by use of ways uncharacteristic of traditional music, has collaboration at its heart. Each artist featured explores their craft, hence ‘Antics’ rather than ‘Antiques’.

Drawing on a vast number of traditions and genres with the use of digital and analogue electronics, found sounds, field recordings often looped and manipulated beyond recognition. Alfonso acts as the main curator and considers himself a listener and a sound collector before anything.

The EP features Sam Mitchell, Edward Wakili-Hick (Sons of Kemet), Mykail Daewood (Emile Sande), William Nicastro (The Magnetics, Sarah Stride, The Max Ferri Trio).