Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Shy Pit with a hard-to-classify track, sound-wise, under the cool name ‘Jesus Genius‘. Clocking just under 120 seconds, Mikey Hassick (the mastermind behind the project) & friends you may listen to psych, dream-pop, shoegaze, lo-fi and of course indie elements. Visualized by Mikey himself, both video and track are an ode to the pure DIY spirit. And this is what we firmly believe and support most in Last Day Deaf. The pure & the unknown. Don’t wanna spoil this exclusive with more ‘blurbs’. No need to actually. Just press the play button and trust your indie spirit!

Jesus Genius‘:

Press Notes:

This is track 1 off of Shy Pit’s first project, simply titled “Shypit.” The type of music is hard to characterize, since the songs are from a mostly improvisational place – we had no genre or sound in mind before creating these. Each song on the project is uniquely different (including elements of hiphop, breakbeat, psychedelia, shoegaze, etc.) but there’s a definitive, common thread holding it all together.
Shy Pit is an art project that I sort of direct. We made these songs like so: I play bass. I improv jammed with a drummer friend of mine, and we recorded that jam. We took samples from those drum and bass jams, and semi-structured them into songs.

I took those songs and had others record parts onto them – spontaneously, for the most part. In some instances, I didn’t show the songs to the people who were playing on them until I was about to record their parts. Most of the instrumentation is completely improvisational.

The project is spearheaded by Mikey Hassick from Brooklyn psych-rock duo Hugs.