We’ll start the preface for today’s exclusive in an offbeat way, in accordance with the band; Green Tea Goblins are not for everyone, nor their sound and lyrics. Per contra, we are on cloud nine to premiere these anti-comformists on Last Day Deaf, and their track ‘Sin Tax‘; A perfect blend of mutant blues with lysergic post-grunge, like an aberrant mix of Mudhoney on acid with the heavier & darker bluesy aspect of Grinderman. But, again this is not all about this trippy, heavy ‘beast’. Their caustic, almost corrosive lyrics, lift off the experience and below is a distinctive sample of those:

Enough of these games
Enough of these rules
Enough of this place
Enough of these fools
How can you reject
That’s why you’re this way
You don’t know shit about anything anyway

Tell me how to live just a little more
There lives not only wise but dumb dinosaurs

Proceed with caution…


Press Notes:

Green Tea Goblins has found themselves in a long stretch of studio experimentation that has resulted in a debut studio album and most recently, heavy hitting and raw singles. Green Tea Goblins’ most recent single “Sin Tax” is the musical embodiment of how members Josh Lint and Claeb Belly (not a typo) have spent their lives for the past two years. With rebellious and anarchistic lyrics, they strive to present the musical community with an alternative perspective on the world that we all live and breathe in. They describe their instrumentation as a mix of acid rock and punk, and this shows in the fuzzy yet cerebral guitar work of Josh Lint, and the simplistic and double-tracked bass lines that emerge from the fingers of Claeb Belly. After intensive periods of experimenting the studio, Green Tea Goblins have finally found their sound.