We are walking on air for today’s exclusive by German dream punk outfit, Fir Cone Children and their track ‘Making Friends Is Easy‘, ahead of their album release ‘Fog Surrounds Us‘, out on September 27 via Blackjack Illuminist Records. This one marks the 3rd exclusive by Alexander Leonard Donat‘s project after 2016’s ‘Cry,Cry,Cry,Cry‘ video & 2017’s ‘I Care For You‘.

Leaving the past aside and focusing on the tune, if you don’t get convinced by this adrenaline injection for what its title suggests, then you may have to turn the volume up a bit. It’s that emotion of euphoria, that this gem unleashes from start to finish, and letting yoursef loose to new experiences, people and ultimately friends. Yup, Alexander you are right: ‘Making Friends Is Easy‘ if you play this fuzz driven, dream punk dynamite on repeat everyday. Danke!


About the track:

 “Making Friends Is Easy” was the last song written for the new album, and maybe that’s why it, kind of, works as the essence of what Fir Cone Children represent in 2019. It’s fast, hyperactive, it includes a piano and fuzzy shoegaze guitars at the same time, its euphoric blastbeats lead to a catchy, emotional chorus that praises the idea of friendship and meeting people. In fact, this song is about how easy it can be to make friends when you have an open mind and an open heart. Too often, people hide behind status symbols and pretending to be someone who’s too cool for anything. Until kids are affected by this adult nonsense they are capable of meeting new folks unconditionally. “Making Friends Is Easy” is a good example for this, it’s about my first daughter getting to know new neighbours without fear of contact. She instantly joined the neighbour’s daughter running around on an impressive self-made playground in their garden which, in some parts, was a real climbing parcour. Looking at them – and trying it out myself – felt like flying over the neighbourhood’s rooftops. Be a child from time to time!”

Press Notes:

One thing you can count on in these troubled times: there’s always more trouble around the corner, and there’s a Fir Cone Children album coming once a year. The one-man dream punk project from Berlin started in 2015 with the dreamy garage punk of “Everything Is Easy” telling stories of Alexander Leonard Donat’s first daughter who was barely 2-years old then. Four years later, with album number five, the sound has changed to a fast and stormy, yet dreamy shoegaze design that includes, occasional blastbeats as much as pearly lo-fi piano indie pop – the concept, however, hasn’t changed: Donat puts his focus on his (now) two daughters and how they experience the world. It’s mainly a positively naïve mindset that is led by instinct, curiosity – and candy. But when does fairy tale fog turn into unsettling smoke? When a little kid asks you, “Are we lost?” surrounded by people watching a firework-lit sky, it shows that fears and worries belong to everyone’s lives even in moments you wouldn’t expect them. As long as caring family members and friends are around us, it’s manageable and we feel safe and sound. “Fog Surrounds Us” is about all that: sheer joy, confusion, unconditional love, sadness, expectations, bravery, bold moves, and everything that lies in between.

After all, at this stage, other things prevail: there’s the first diving experience in the sea, the first skateboard on Christmas, a potential friend moving into the house next to you, the moment you can make out faces in scratchy drawings. Celebrate the moment, stay curious! Kids know how to, and deep down you still know, too.

FCC are happy Krissy Vanderwoude lent her voice on several tracks for the third album in a row.

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