After pretty much exactly one year dream punk band Fir Cone Children are back with album number two. It’s called ‘Firconium‘. Now, Last Day Deaf exclusively premieres the video for the single ‘Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry‘ – a fast and ferocious 2 minute punk song with colourful pictures, a chorus to sing along and, at the end, ‘more wetness than a person’s face can handle’.

Press Release:

Fir Cone Children is the brainchild of Alexander Leonard Donat who started his one-man-band in 2015 with “Everyhing Is Easy”, which was called “The soundtrack of the summer” by several reviewers. Dreamy Punk Rock, strictly limited to 2 minutes per song, made for the short attention span of children, because it’s the youngest that are in the focus of this band. Donat wrote the first album for his then one year old daughter, now, with the birth of his second girl there comes the second one: “Firconium” is packed with melodies and pop appeal that even children can sing along to, yet the music is lo-fi, loud, full of energy, distortion and love for life, dream pop the punk way, it comes straight out of a garage in the sky.


The opener “Now Two” welcomes the second child of the family with crashing cymbals and pushing Shoegaze guitars, it is told from the view of the older sister. The perspective changes in “Family (First Encounter)”, when the new born is confused about the attention of all the (new) faces around her. It’s a pop song of which you can find a bunch of here: “Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry”, “Little Tsupple Mari”, “From Afar”, “Turn Around” all lead to catchy choruses before the songs reach the 30 second mark. FFC also explore their more electronic side (“The Cow” which is a kind of weird R’n’B; and “At Night”, a lullaby). The album’s closer “Where Are We Going?” is the most melancholic sounding song of the band and certainly a highlight in the back catalogue: driven Indie Gaze which is hungry for the future. Life is amazing, especially when you’re new around here …