We are more than excited that Fir Cone Children trusted Last Day Deaf, for a 2nd year in a row, to premiere the 2-minute dream-punk dynamite called ‘I Care For You‘ from upcoming 3rd album ‘No Gravity Girls‘ out June 30th, via Blackjack Illuminist Records. Last summer, it was the excellent video for ‘Cry,Cry,Cry,Cry, while now in just 131 seconds a colourful, simplified, dream-punk beauty, ‘I Care For You‘, prepares the ground for the best era of the year!

Turn the volume up, let the music wild and just smile (and why not, fall in love all over once again!)… Essential!

Stream ‘I Care For You‘:


Press Release:

Haven’t you always wondered where the “punk” was in bands that labelled themselves “Dream Punk”? Or, where the “pop” was in “Noise Pop” bands? Well, you won’t with Fir Cone Children. The Berlin-based band creates fast and wild 2-minute songs stuffed with fuzzy Shoegaze guitars, speedy drums that repeatedly love to blast beat, and vocal harmonies that are pure pop within the noise. It is music for people with a short attention span and a love for catchy melodies – or: alternative children’s music.


After the first two albums were dedicated to Alexander Donat’s respective kids (2 and 4 years old), “No Gravity Girls” sees the two operate as a team that is strolling around at high-speed discovering how young bodies gain more power and strength with every day. You can also hear it in the music: Dressed in melancholic guitar harmonies and hyperspeed drums it’s the vocals that are full of exuberant joy, optimism, love and the urge to discover the world around you (check the title track with guest vocals by Krissy Vanderwoude). In between you get a chance to sit down for a minute – try the sunny ice cream hippie ode to life, “We Will Never Die” or the electronic Goth/Postpunk of “Open Hand”. These 13 songs in 28 minutes will make you experience childhood again – the noisy one.