The Berlin based post-rock trio Esben And The Witch, unveiled earlier this Autumn, mid-September, ‘The Wolf’s Sun’ taken from their ‘Older Terrors’ upcoming release on 4th November via Season Of Mist. It is a post-rock 11 minute adventure that the band is excellently skilled on, while led by the captivating voice of Rachel Davies, the trio cut a wide swath of sound, ranging from the dark and subtle to the triumphal, glorious roar of loud guitars.

Having released 3 full-length albums so far, ‘Violet Cries’ (2011), ‘Wash The Sins Not Only The Face’ (2013) and ‘A New Nature’ (2014), the band’s music uplifted to a must-listen, among the rock universe fans, and that’s why they got signed by Season Of Mist. Their music is edgy and their talent is obvious, and despite ‘The Wolf’s Sun’s 11 minutes, the listening experience remains at top level every single second.

Mike Dimitriou