God In A Cone is Nick Marinos’ personal music vehicle and I was lucky enough to have a live chat with him a few days ago. Trying to keep our conversation lively, I tried to avoid editing it in most parts. Hope you enjoy this interview, or more precisely chat, as much as Nick and I did. There you go then…

God In A Cone… Could you tell us the story behind the project’s name and introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure.. first of all I would like to thank you for the essential opportunity to invite me at your special interview and wish you all the best for your amazing work. God In A Cone project was formed about 3 months ago (June 22nd) and it was just a personal need for my music expression with a vision to let out all my music feeling without following rules and specific styles . God In A Cone name entails elements of metaphysics and human psychology; Describes how the inner energy can be your friend or your worst enemy.

Recently you self-released your debut album ‘Agrypnia. Could you share some information about this? Why do you believe the average rock/indie fan should give it a try?

Agrypnia’ was recorded at Studio 222 along with my producer and friend Dimitris Delis who is also responsible for the mixing, mastering and guitar parts. The specific album is designated to meet open minded listeners thus you either hate it or love it , like the inner meaning of my band’s name.

Which songs would you pick out as the most characteristic of GIAC’s sound and why?

I cannot pick/point out a specific song since all the songs are holding a specific piece of the puzzle and are vital for the solid construction of the album.

While recording ‘Agrypnia‘ which were the main difficulties in this? Also, if you could unveil your main influences for your debut, both music and non-musicwise…

Difficulties were many but as soon I discovered that by musical composition was comprised by elements of honesty and epiphany, all the obstacles and barriers suddenly got erased from my path. I don’t have main influences since I love/adore various music genres as well as various forms of artistic expression.

As far as I know you are involved in various bands/projects. Don’t you prefer spend your energy and focus on one project?

Great question. I have to admit that from each project/band i am receiving a different degree of satisfaction . As a result, all the bands together help me derive a solid form of satisfaction and thus enhance my ability to write new music.


Continuing on this, GIAC is a much more approachable project than Madleaf, Slitherum etc. Do you believe that fans of the aforementioned bands will appreciate your new “baby”?

Each musician would love his/her music to be appreciated towards a respective amount of audience. So if someone might find something attractive from my music as well as my form of expressing feelings might be considered a win/win situation.

Are you planning to promote your work through any live appearances in the near future?

Yeah , i am in the process of working my programming techniques along with the visual programming.. I would like to present my work in both ways.

Which local acts, mainly unknown artists/projects would you suggest we should pay attention to?

There are plenty from each genre… From the alternative rock community definitely check 4LT. and One Man Drop, for pure heavy madness you should try Achelous, from the rap scene you might try an interesting/talented guy called Giorgos Mauroulis and for solo amazing guitar techniques try Giannis Kalamatas videos.

Having recently hosted a Paradise Lost interview, and having read in a review that ‘Agrypnia‘ sound resembles to Paradlse Lost’s ‘Host‘, I cannot resist to ask if you agreed on this?

Host’ is a great album! As I mentioned earlier God In A Cone is the coalition of vast amount of influences (from techno to grindcore).

Stop provoking me….Which techno & grindcore then?

Hahhah , The KLF and Anal Cunt! Hahah.

Great choices! Thank you very much for your time Nick. Last words from you…

Christos you are an amazing guy , wish you the best to your family and your amazing webzine! Hey boys and girls open and expand your musical limits!! And don’t fall into the trap of categorizing music!

Christos Doukakis