Artist/Band: Presence | Of | Mind
Title: Pure
Release date: 2016-10-07
Catalogue No. CD: CRA043 (EAN/UPC: 0200000053321)
Format: CD & DIGITAL
Style: Electro / synth / techno / pop
Origin: Sweden
Territory: World


Presence | Of | Mind’s new album ‘Pure‘ is to be released 7th of October 2016. The first single “Brittle Bones” was released already in autumn 2015 and collected radio airplay all over Europe. The second single “Help Me Help You” is one of the strongest singles from the band and will be released digitally in September followed by a unique video directed by Johan Carlén (Mustasch, Avatar, Amaranthe and more). Pure is an album about how small events in our surroundings affects our emotions and our vision of how life should be, or could be, depending on whether we just thought a little bit longer before making a decision.


Presence | Of | Mind is an electro-pop band, that has been active on and off since the early 90´s. During these years the music and influences of the band has changed but the core has always been the strong vocals and lyrics by Christoffer Lundström and the high quality production and melodies by Anders Wallroth and Hannes Ambros.

Presence | Of | Mind consists of three childhood friends who started to make music together in 1993. The band appeared on several compilation CD´s, Electric Sunset and Circuit One amongst others. In 2004 the band made it to the finals in the music competition Quest for Fame. The EP Between Emotions was released in 2005 followed by the EP Pain of no Return that was digitally released in 2011. As a celebration to the early years of the band, Presence | of | Mind released a back catalogue – One Way Conversation 93-03 consisting of material produced during those years. In 2012 the band decided to make an album. A new and more professional take on production and the different musical influences finally came together in “Interpersonal” that was released in the summer 2014. Interpersonal was highly acclaimed by the electropop critics and the response was amazing. Following the successful live appearance at Electronic Summer festival 2015 Presence | of | Mind intensified their work on the second studio album. Now two years after Interpersonal the band will release “Pure” this fall.

Christoffer Lundström
Hannes Ambros
Anders WallrothTRACKLIST:
01. It´s too Quiet
02. What´s in It for You?
03. Help Me Help You
04. I Am Demon
05. You Behave Sometimes
06. Brittle Bones
07. Chasing Waterfalls
08. Welcome Home
09. Black Angel
10. Interstate
11. Slowly
12. Show Me
13. Svarta Ängeln (Black Angel Swedish Version)
14. Du är bra ibland (You Behave Sometimes Swedish Version)