Label. TEMP~Records

Artist. Digilog

Title. Dark Places EP

Format. Digital

Cat.Number. TMP-018d

Release Date. February 3rd, 2017 (Juno Exclusive), February 17th, 2017 (All Other Stores)

Distribution. Juno Distribution



  1. Dark Place (Original Mix)
  2. Jumping Circus (Original Mix)
  3. Next Stop (Original Mix)
  4. Invaders Won‘t Talk (Original Mix)


In the past, Digilog released the EP ‘Drive In‘ on Yoshi Vienna and appeared on Pomelo Records 20 years compilation together with Electro Guzzi and as a remixer on Black Body Radiation, a part of Irradiation series together with Milton Bradley (Grounded Theory). Now he returns to his home base TEMP~Records with the 4 tracker EP Dark Places.

It opens with ‘Dark Place‘, a track with almost a movie-like quality. The crime has been committed, the car is racing fast into the nothingness, but the conscience can’t be escaped from. The guilt spiral is circling in heavy, fast rhythm of heart in fear…

Jumping Circus‘ indeed jumps about in elastic beat, which as well as the previous track uses high tones in dissonance to evoke the dark background full of deceit and drill behind the shiny glamour show.

Next scene, ‘Next Stop‘. The percussions are trembling from the tremor caused by heavy kicks, the melody lines are distorted in foreboding smiles and menacing synth shrieks.

The last track ‘Invaders Won’t Talk‘ is built with a mysterious synthesizer tremolo and industrial, massive beat lacking kick-drum, but leaking trickles of turbid and rusty synth pads.

You can’t escape dark places; they lurk everywhere.