What is the most common thing in life? Well, except …taxes, the only thing we know for sure in our life is that we are all going to die someday (…or night!).

And of course, most of us fear death a lot. Speaking of death fear, I believe that we are terrified by the only thing that we know for sure in death: that we are going to be a delicious food for the worms! Even if we believe in life after death, in paradise and hell, in reincarnation or not etc., nothing can make us forget that the only truth we know (so far) is …dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

We are also afraid that when we die, we won’t have the ability to make the things that we could do when we had the time. This has no sense because it’s very difficult to say “I’m ready to die now”, and if someone says that, I believe that he would happily take some extra time to live a bit longer!

The other thing that we fear of death is that we will lose our beloved persons. This is a pity because (most of us) won’t do with our beloved ones the things we want now we are alive, or we do at least very few. Anyway, their loss is something that comes with the fear of (our, or their) death.

But what if we knew for sure, -by having proofs of course-, that there is life after death? We will be curious to see what kind of life that would b! Maybe a better life, but I’m sure that many of us (maybe all of us) would like to see. Sadly, this life sometime will also end, and if we have many lives, so do they will end sometime (except in video games!).

Imagine now that we can live forever! No death on the horizon, only life!! But, does anybody feel comfortable with that? Because life, contains also problems, sickness, etc. even without death! Life can makes us happy, but after a long time (or …too much time!) could be boring!

And let’s say that we would live forever without sickness, without any problems! Living forever in absolute happiness! (I know, it sounds like a bad joke!). Who cannot say that sometime we are missing death?

Living forever is like you are dead if the people next to you are dying. Imagine that you’ll meet your grand children, and your grand grand children etc. you will be a stranger to them (even if they know that you are immortal) and they’ll be a stranger to you, even if you live for sometime with them. Ok, maybe this is a modern human’s logic, that you cannot have strong bounds with your distant descendants, but we speak with the knowledge we have so far. And of course some might say that it would be great to live again so many births, to make again friends. Trust me, after sometime no one will believe that! It will be meaningless.

Another problem with immortality is that we must accept that we are going to see all of our descendants, all of our friends etc. dying! I know, after too many funerals we get used to it, but still it is something that we can’t pass easily. After sometime we may feel lonely, we are going to feel like we are the dead and not the others. Are we ready to feel ok (also) with it as the other things?

But, let’s say that we live forever not only ourselves, but everybody! No one is going to die again (I know, we’ll have some serious space problem after a few years!). The only solution that I can imagine if we all live forever, is to live in other planets, or in other dimensions, where time and space has not the meaning we know so far. But, as far as we know it’s too difficult to transfer our lives in other dimensions (I will ask my grand grand grand children about it, and I will tell you).

One reason of being afraid to die, is that we have faith, we have hope even if our life has too many problems. We don’t know exactly what we hope, but I believe that we hope just to make ourselves forget death, or feel not that bad with it.

Speaking for myself, I don’t have problem with …Mr. Death! I imagine myself happy when I’ll meet him (amongst ourselves now, I believe that I will live forever, but let’s keep it as our secret). I would like of course to die with my own will, and a smile in my face. A smile that says “Ok, I’m ready now, I don’t need some extra time”.  I believe that death is the next step after life, and, who knows, maybe there are more steps also! I want to die sometime, because when I do, I will live forever (sorry, I don’t want to explain that, take it as you wish). I also want to die, because if I live forever …other kids will make fun with me! Of course I want to die first, I don’t want to see my beloved ones dying (something we all want I guess).

And, if there is nothing but a big blank after death, I would like to see that too!

Concluding my thoughts, with another reflection of mine: The end of humanity will start when in the whole world all the new born babies will have the same face, same genre. When all the new born babies are like one. Then, we will understand that our time as a mankind is over.

(p.s. I hope that if there is afterlife, I don’t owe money to anyone!)

Konstantinos Pamfiliss