Dirty Rotten Imbeciles started skating the crossover back in 1983 (‘Dirty Rotten EP‘), and never stepped down from their boards. D.R.I. are a crossover punk thrash, sometimes hardcore, band from California.

Started smiling, huh? Yes, they love the sun, they love fun, pals, beers, skating, broken bones, medical treatment, sweaty moshpits and touring— for life! Consider these and you will get why they keep fit, fast and always young, not looking imbecilic at all. While skating the web when, suddenly, I crushed on their wall. Looks like they are making a 5-track new EP to release in June and they’ve also posted a two-minute teaser of it.

D.R.I. behave like Ramones; never messing with the things they don’t approve and always making their own stuff. Their music sounds as it should: fast, powerful, and straight to hospital for, -you know-, broken arms and legs and heads. If you are an experienced skateboarder though, this summer you’ll fly skating under the sun with a pretty decent soundtrack! Cheers for now, broken legs are for kids!

Mike Dimitriou