Cool…Smooth…Chill. 5 tracks for your complete leisure, relief & enjoyment. Best enjoyed on weekend evenings.

Roseland En Why Cee – Tetsuo

(nu jazz, cinematic)

South London multi-instrumentalist and composer Nathan Jamal, aka Roseland En Why Cee, recently released ‘Tetsuo’, an almost nihilistic, highly cinematic, eclectic nu jazz treasure, with “the character of Tetsuo re-imagined as a young Londoner coming to terms with the murder of his big brother and trying to find some outlet for his grief other than violence and revenge”….

Rosehip – Twilight

(chill-hop, lofi)

An ethereal chill-hop treat with future bass finishing touches by fast-rising London-based producer Rosehip, will take you to places…. Afar!!

Iso – One

(drone, post rock)

A calming blend of ambient with post rock, ideal for long winter nights, by the fireplace….

Wizard Death – 777

(instrumental hip-hop, lofit)

According to Wizard Death, ‘777’  “is a kind of an ode to things we can’t control, “forces greater than us” – that kind of thing. It’s also meant to be a lullaby, in a calm reassuring way to the listener, while recognizing what’s out of our control”… Couldn’t agree more for this delicate, lofi hip-hop treasure!

Jannek – Doran Flower

(ambient, instrumental, neoclassical)

What if Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour hang out with Tim Hecker for a pint, and then jammed in a studio for a couple of hours? The outcome would be Jannek’s ‘Doran Flower’! Trippy & melodious one!

Christos Doukakis