VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band – Mon Chéri

New York based singer songwriter Juliet Varnedoe’s ‘Mon Chéri’ is a stunning blues, jazz treat, with a compelling vocal performance, taken from her upcoming debut album ‘Cajun Bleu’, ideal for fans of Melody Gardot & King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band…

Neon Fields – Meant to Be

South-West UK based trio Neon Fields’s ‘Meant to Be’ is an intense indie electronic with alluring soundscapes and an emotive vocal performance with a great climax for the patient ones!

Yves Jones – If I Fall (feat. Natasha)

‘If I Fall’ is a smooth liquid drum n’ bass collaboration between Yves Jones & Natasha, unleashing 90s golden era, vibes! 

Lakes – Say So (ft. The Domain)

A transcendent electro pop gem by Canadian outfit Lakes, ft. The Domain, with touching vocals and addictive synths, vital for the 80s addicts!

Easy Jane – Play

Recorded in Beirut, sometime around the port explosion, Easy Jane’s ‘Play’, is a shoegaze-y, indie rock banger, unleashing tons of sweet melancholy for the emo hearts!

Loui Lind – The Jester (Live)

A cabaret stylized, indie rock gem featuring exceptional theatrical vocals, and haunting atmosphere, by the Danish yet Amsterdam based singer Louise Lindskov, aka Loui Lind… Unique stuff!

Draven – Cauchemar Noir

‘Cauchemar Noir’ by Greek artist Draven, is like the bastard child of an imaginary Siva Six with John Carpenter studio jam, and according to the press release  “a close homage to the original Evil Dead Remake 2013 and the score of Roque Benos”…. Yup, great horror synth and a superb taster from Draven’s upcoming album ‘Abyssal Arcana’…

Particle Kid – Someone Else’s Dream (ft. J Mascis, Paul Bushnell & Sunny War)

Particle Kid is Micah Nelson’s experimental, psychedelic, future-folk project, and ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ features living legend J Mascis, Sunny War & Paul Bushnell… The song is taken from their third full-length, double-album, dropping in April!

Lunacy – Glyph

 Lunacy’s ‘Glyph’ is an immaculate post-industrial anthem in the vein of ‘Succour’-era Seefeel & iconic Flying Suacer Attack… Dystopic void for the daring ones! This one is the second single from the upcoming ‘Echo in the Memory’ album, set for release in April!

BadKidsGoodPeople – screwed up phonk (w/ blunted)

An absolute killer phonk tune by BadKidsGoodPeople with the aid of blunted… Make sure you check the whole thing over here… Hits hard!

Christos Doukakis