Los Angeles Cold Cave answering Last Day Deaf questions focusing 100% on art-related questions! Sit back & enjoy!

Welcome to Last Day Deaf, Cold Cave! You are currently on tour in USA so, give us the details please and the feedback so far, and will you tour in Europe in 2017?

Every tour is memorable in its own way. You never know what you’re going to get. I’m really happy with the last few tours because for years we have been working to establish Cold Cave on our own terms.. so its gratifying to have great shows as a result of that. People are dedicated to the band like we are to them. We may be back to mainland Europe in October 2017.

You’ve travelled a lot around the world performing live, sharing the stage with important names like Boyd Rice, Gary Numan, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) to mention a few, and recently with Drab Majesty. How has the trip been so far, and what is Cold Cave’s win out, in both artistic and touring terms?

I like to tour with artists I feel in line with in terms of musical lineage. My influences with Cold Cave are definitely partly traceable to early noise and industrial music, synth based music.

The project started almost ten years ago, “chained” to electronic cold wave music and gained a great respect in the underground scene. So please, tell our readers what is Cold Cave’s artistic manifest?

Truth. Be true to you. Everything comes and goes, but me.

Wesley Eisold, a figure in punk/hardcore music, launched an electro project. How come by all means? Will you ever return with a punk non-synthesized band, or with a band-performing like 2011’s ‘Cherish The Light Years‘ LP?

I think so. I like to mix it up live to keep it interesting for me.

Amy Lee, where are you artistically emerging from, and what does Cold Cave mean to you?

The live visuals are an extension and interpretation of the music. I believe in it.

What are the “ingredients” in the core of your musings?

Sadness and beauty. Life as an underdog. Its a well you can’t ever fill.

What are your lyrics involved in and why?

Life inside of an existential crisis and looking for quiet hope in a crowded room.

Say that, you are alone with U.S. President in a room, and he wears that “elite” face on while observing your ‘The Idea of Love/Rue The Day‘ single…What are you telling him, what are you doing?

I’m not very interested in having this conversation.

And your future plans regarding the band, touring or studio?

Always both. I wish I could take a break, a vacation, relax, decompress. I don’t feel satisfied or finished yet.

Thank you for your time! Will you send a message to the fans and our readers?

People come and go but you will always have you as long as you want it. Thank you for the years.

Photo credits: James Parker

Mike Dimitriou