C-Drain started a one man project who records and mixes all his tracks entirely in his home studio. (They) started in April  2013 in Leeds UK when they recorded and produced ‘So What ?’.

In June 2014 they continued with the summer hit single ‘Oh Miami!’,  in December 2016 released the ‘Cover Unplugged’ EP and finally after some time locked in the studio they managed to create a truly indie sound with their latest ‘No Plumbing Business’. But, let them talk…

Hello C-Drain & welcome to lastdaydeaf.com! Let us know about you, including when and why you started playing…

Hey! Well I started C-Drain as one-man multi-instrumentalist and producer working out of my Leeds, and later London-based home studio. My aim in my new project is to achieve total independence and creative freedom, taking responsibility for every aspect of the production process from performing on almost every instrument to recording and mixing each track in my home studio. Why I started playing…hmm there was no other choice for me really – this was a very strong need deep in – and can’t imagine my life with ought making music…

New EP album ‘No Plumping Business‘ contains the track ‘Come On!’ that states : “…that you want to forget  and dance...”. Feel free to explain to us where you want to dance and what to forget…..

Ah! ‘Come On!‘ – for me is a forcing need to dance in indie mood… I wrote this one last summer in a beach-house in Greece. Each track on the EP is there to represent a season, It’s a kind of ‘Four seasons’ EP, but not for Vivaldi’s fans! ‘Come On!‘ is the summer. It just has that positive energy that summer brings, that feeling of wanting to get out there and party! Yes Dance to the end of the night and let all the bad memories go away – that’s the deal innit? The feel when I play this song live is indescribable and unique!

Which famous musician do you admire and why?

There are numerous really…for the time lets say Joe Strummer and The Clash – for their unique sound, true musical statement, and his /their ideas/views of the world that was evident in their acts. When I listened 1st time ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go‘ was nearly 13 years old and was hooked in seconds. It’s one of my favourite songs ever. Also when I listen to ‘Guns Of Brixton‘ – I can truly see Brixton back then – and that’s amazing to capture an era and a place in a song – sound-image. I was living near by Brixton in South London and it still has that vibe for me everytime I visit, I love S.London – a place tourists never see.

You live and create in London. Which place would you like to be in 10 years from now?

At the moment I’m between Athens and London. Don’t know really in 10 years that’s ages – I go wherever my music takes me.

Do you get nervous before a live performance? If yes, how do you get over it?

No really – I passed that years ago – I really enjoy playing live and I think that beats anxiety. Well I think booze was a help out as-well – but I don’t drink a lot anymore either – oh I think I’m becoming conservative haha!

On 15 March you play live at Faust Bar-Theatre-Arts! What can we expect from you that night?

New songs from my new ‘No Plumbing Business‘ EP album, new music, my latest summer-hit singles, lots of energy with my full band on stage but also covers of my favorite artists & from my previous EP Album ‘Covers Unplugged‘… We have a set list that goes into different emotions and music genres from British post 80’s rock to American folk, indie to alternative, indie dance & ska! My songs are like that so its not one sound/vibe all the way through – I & you would be bored in that case, trust me! The second part becomes a lot groovier and we invite you to dance with us… in indie mood! We’ll be full band on stage : Christos Pappas – Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Spiros Foukis – Drums, Dimitris Varouxis – Bass Guitar, Alex Karadimos – Electric Guitar & Effects, Marialena Evangelaki – Violin & Backing Vocals.  Presented by: CPS-Records.

How often and for how long do you practice in the studio? Narrate us a day in a studio with C-Drain…

I am in the studio nearly every day. I experiment with new sounds, recording , writing new material when I’m in the mood – record the initial idea and then re-work them when I’m in the mood again! C-Drain is a DIY project and truly indie as for independent. I record, mix and produce the songs so for ‘No Plumbing Business‘ EP I was locked in the studio trying to get the sound I imagined and searched for a new production aesthetic through experimentation with vocal and instrumental timbres, resulting in a truly ‘indie’ creation. Countless hours in but does it worth it? 100% YES!


If you could eternally be stuck in a specific year (or period) in relation to music, which one would it be and why?

80’s for sure! It’s got that sound that I really like and I don’t say this about the songs but the actual productions – I love that era. Place? Manchester! I’d like to have a meet-up preferably not in a pub for obvious reasons with the great Martin Hannet (Factory Records producer of Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order) I’m a fan as a producer!

Tell us about upcoming shows and plans?

We just played in Ioannina album launch & full band live @ Route 66. Was a sold out gig and really enjoyed that! Next stop Thursday 15/3 @ FAUST, Athens! After that we have some gigs planned in Greece but also London Calling!!! TBA – join me/us on https://www.facebook.com/cdrainmusic/ to find out more, cheers!

Photo credits: Alexandros Gartzonikas (2nd one)

Nena Gioti