Last Day Deaf is delighted to announce that is the Media Partner for the 15th March live appearance of the indie/pop-rock project, C-Drain (Christos Pappas‘ brainchild). They will perform full-band, and present their ultra-fresh ‘No Plumbing Business!‘ EP at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts (Athens, Greece), so be there people!

Organised by: FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts

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Christos Pappas – Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Spiros Foukis – Drums
Dimitris Varouxis – Bass Guitar
Alex Karadimos – Electric Guitar & Effects
Marialena Evangelaki – Violin & Backing Vocals

C-Drain – Bio

C-Drain started as one-man multi-instrumentalist and producer working out of his London-based home studio. Is the pseudonym for an artist who has been involved in numerous projects and bands as front man, guitarist, song-writer and producer over the years, including most recently, two self produced and released ‘alternative rock’ albums which have received a fair amount of exposure and radio airtime as well as great reviews.His 2013 debut release, ‘So What?’, attracted rave reviews from the critics. He followed with ‘Oh Miami!’ a ‘summer-hit’ track released in 2014 & broadcasted vastly in the US, Canada, UK, S. Africa, Greece etc. and climbed in TOP 10 Radio Charts in Canada August ’14.

C-Drain’s aim in his new project was to achieve total independence and creative freedom, with him assuming responsibility for every aspect of the production process from performing on almost every instrument to recording and mixing his tracks entirely in his home studio.

The project was initiated in April 2013 in Leeds, UK, and kick-started by ‘So What?’, a track very different in mood and style from what the artist had been known for up until then.

In 2016 re-launched the project as a 4 piece band and at present are in the studio recording their debut LP Album. In the meantime they’ve just released in 16/12/16 a new : Covers Unplugged’ EP Album – 1st trck ‘Love will tear us apart’ (cover) preview here: https://soundcloud.com/c-drain/love-will-tear-us-apart

Oh Miami! Music Video : http://youtu.be/cQcwc2zPE7o

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