BUS is a hard rock/doom metal band from Greece. They released their album ‘The Unknown Secretary’ last March. Though their music is available through several platforms, it is as mysterious and classic as their vinyl. I was humbled to learn more, and Last Day Deaf was able to catch them and introduce them to readers just before their gig with HeadQuake on February 2nd at ILION Plus.

Hello, and thank you for the interview. I’d like to go back to the formation of BUS. Were you guys just mates who decided to get together and do this, or were you introduced through other music ventures?

Greetings, the whole thing started back in late 2011 about me and some friends trying to play some rock. Α year later the first line up was fixed and started playing for 2 years more, working on ‘The Unknown Secretary’ album stuff “Impious Tapes’’ and ‘The Cross’ EPs as well. Τhen, unfortunately became some members’ changes and we met with Antonis Zontiros (Ruined Families) and recorded together the debut album.  After that Aris (drums) joined the band.

How has the musical journey been for BUS thus far?

I think it goes very well, a great number of gigs around Athens and Greece in general, two EPs and an LP, the least we could do, so far!

One only needs to listen to BUS for a few songs to hear a very marked Black Sabbath influence. I’ve also seen this expressed from fan comments. How does this make you feel? Were they a part of your musical upbringing/experience?

Of course we like and we feel nice when people’s appreciation is a part of our journey, that is the point, to play your music in a freaking crowd who enjoys! The concept is simple we play music to express ourselves, also yes, we love Black Sabbath!

Do you find it intimidating playing your style of music in a world with so many genres or do you pride yourself in being a voice for metal?

No, I don’t! Everyone has the opportunity to play what they want.

The Unknown Secretary is available on platforms from vinyl to mp3. Do you feel these have helped your band as far as exposure?

Indeed that was very helpful, but the great step for us, was to make the vinyl.

I’d like to ask about your beautiful vinyl. How did it feel to see? Was there a “wow” moment holding it?

Hahahah…it was like you hold Papas balls. That night, we were spinning the vinyl for thousand times, acting like babies.

You guys have played several gigs, and are still active doing so. What constitutes a successful show for BUS?

A lot of alcohol, fun and very loud music!

What should fans prepare for in your upcoming show with HeadQuake on February the 2nd at ILION Plus?

Rock n’ Roll, what else! Two bands will share the stage for those about to rock. Greetings to HeadQuake!

Do you guys have big aspirations for BUS, or are you having a good time making music and seeing what happens?

We do what we like to do, so we are expecting everything. Time will tell…Beers!

Photo credits: Aris Fasoulis

Malinda Mansfield