Compiled by: Theodoros Rentesis, Malina Tzachristou, Konstantinos Vagiotis & Isidora Vassili

Alvvays – ‘Dreams’

If I saw you on a street
Would I have you in my dreams tonight?

The new ‘Camera Obscura’, Alvvays, present the sweetest indie pop song of 2016 till this moment! A real ear-candy!

(From the forthcoming album in September 2016)

Röyksopp – ‘You Don’t Have A Clue’

The coolness of the first June morning, the early summer breeze that blows our thoughts around, the ethereal, almost eerie, synths & female vocals of Anneli Drecker vocals, drives the song into an electronica heavenly trip.

Technique – ‘You And Me’

The ABSOLUTE summer song. Kate Holmes & Xan Tyler create what we call gentle, cool pop based on Saint Etienne tradition. Like a drive for a ramble with a convertible car exactly like in the video.

Camera Obscura – ‘Swimming Pool’

From their best album, ‘Biggest Bluest Hi Fi’, one of the biggest masterpieces of indie pop music. Double vocals, magical guitar, emotive melodies, travelling feeling, a journey between love and loss. As I listen to it, I see flowers blooming in the sand.

Shout Out Louds – ‘Impossible’

Your love is something I cannot remember…Impossible…”

From the album ‘Our Ill Wills’, almost 7 minutes of indie bliss.


Theodoros Rentesis

Laura Veirs – ‘Sun Song’

First rays of light are coming through / Been seven months since I saw that much blue / Water rushing in the banks  / Freed from the ice, it has the sun, the sun to thank / It has the sun, the sun to thank

 Martha and the Muffins – ‘Echo Beach’

Dancing with fruity cocktails in a bar with you best friend. ‘Echo Beach’ is an endless reminder of young nights by the beach bar.

Nina Simone – ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Nina’s voice reminds me of my grandma. She taught me how to swim, dive and catch urchins.

Warpaint – ‘Billie Holiday (Rough Trade Sessions)’

I’m a fool for summer loves. It’s the melancholy of the uncertain future I guess.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – ‘Palace Of The Tiger Women’

I chose just one piece, but The Kilimanharo Darkjazz Ensemble discography IS the summer sunset’s soundtrack.

Malina Tzachristou

Well, summer is loading….

…so, it takes a special soundtrack to go on with the heat, the sun, the beach, on the loose…

The Dubliners – ‘The Sick Note’

Well, at first we have to let go all the thoughts or acts about job or business obligations. Tell your boss that you‘re not gonna go to work for a serious period of time. Μaybe you had a terrible accident, so this is inevitable…

Alice Cooper (band) – ‘School’s Out’

And if you‘re still young enough to have a job, be sure to scream out:

Krokus – ‘Tokyo Nights’

Now, the game is set, it’s called Summer, which means late night out, music overload, drinking, dancing, flirting, a lust for life and fun. Let the night begin with beautiful moments that will remain filled with love and passion.

Kiss – ‘Heaven’s On Fire’

As the night goes on and the mood is getting higher, the moon lights the dark and you‘re on fire!

Happy Ol’McWeasel – ‘Drunken Sailor’

So, after all the crazy night fun with tons of alcohol reigning in your blood, it’s time to face the consequences.

Konstantinos Vagiotis


Coldplay – ‘Up & Up’

When the warm summer is here – when the inner world is unreal, all around is echoing Up & Up

Moby – ‘Go’

When you miss familiar faces in the sunshine – the sound around echoing Go

Disturbed – ‘The Sound Of Silence’

When you can’t find your courage to face your wrong choices – the sound around echoing The Sound Of Silence

Dead Man’s Bones – ‘Lose Your Soul’

When your children’s voices show you the way back home – the sound around echoing Lose Your Soul

Cornu (with Kid Loco) – ‘Youpi (Space Spaghetti Mix)’

…and when you decide to be quiet in your own hell – the sound around echoing Youpi

Isidora Vassili