Active since 2013, Boy Harsher made a good impact on the underground right after their first ‘Lesser Man’ EP (2014), including that smacking ‘Pain’ tune. But it was their ‘Yr Body Is Nothing’ LP (2016) that got their name in dedicated sites and media, gaining invitations from promoters and “compeling” the fans to a more vigilant listening. Cinematic, eering industrial, coldwave music in a minimal character, that we wouldn’t dare avoid having a chat with the duo from Massachusetts, who are currently on tour!  Enjoy!

Hello Boy Harsher and welcome to Last Day Deaf! Please introduce yourselves to our readers!

We are Jae + Gus, based in Western Massachusetts!

There are a lot of things I wanna ask so, what is the Boy Harsher project? Why that name, what hides or even protests in that name for a band?

We play dance music.  The music was this backwards therapy for breaking up. So now it’s for everything, I suppose. The genesis of the name is precious and stupid. Much like predisposed gender constructs.

Cold wave, experimental strains, full melodic songs, in a “monolithic” way of arrangements…and Boy Harsher are already making a very good impact on the, indeed difficult, European fans. So, how do you consider your art, what kind of music are you offering to the world?

Our creative process is very introverted and personal. We don’t try to offer any specific product with our music.

 …And what does really inspire you in it?

Touring has really inspired our music. Sharing our music live and seeing how people respond has helped shaped the new music we make. Also films, film scores, and visual art.

USA is always in the core of post and avant-garde art, though different than the European path in craft.  What differences can you mention between the two major schools, and are there any preferences in you as persons or musicians?

That’s a tough question. I am not sure if we are qualified to answer.


BH started in 2013 (right?), and your latest Yr Body Is Nothing via DKA (June 2016) is already a success, considering the first press sold out and the second running. Good band with good music in a good dedicated to the genre label, what’s the next step?

Yeah, we were kinda fooling around in 2013. I guess we still sorta’ are, just now we have a record. So that’s nice. DKA is going to press it again, ‘because it’s all sold out already. Get ready for round three! We’re making new music always.

Boy Harsher…Yr Body Is Nothing. We’d like the story of it please, what do you actually mean?

Yr Body Is Nothing’ is something I think we would say. Then I saw it all over the house – written on the wall + stuff. It’s a phrase we used to figure stuff out.

Massachusetts, a state with a trademark history in music, where do you place yourselves as artists, of that specific state?

We actually came here to be close to family, but would prefer to be South again. Maybe someday soon…

Future plans on new musings…?

We have a new record coming out later this year and it will be in Europe in fall/winter.

Can you share with us your top-5 tunes in present?

Multiple Man – ‘Power Fantasy

Profligate – ‘Vixen (Toe Ring Remix)

Psychic TV – ‘Jigsaw

Kaade – ‘All The Air

Psychic Hotline – ‘Luxury

Mike Dimitriou