A new dream pop band with firm alternative roots has just begun its melodic journey. Blushing are emerging from Austin, Texas. It is a quartet, whose formation started unofficially back in the summer of 2015. Thanks to a friendship between the two female musicians Michelle Soto (guitar, vocals) and classical trained Cristina Carmona (bass, vocals). Soon they recruited their talented companions Jake Soto (drums) and Noe Carmona (guitar). Although each member has different music background and influences they shared many music interests in common, they were all great admirers of  female fronted bands such as Lush, Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, Beach House and many more.

Back in 2015 Michelle, the main band’s songwriter, had already plenty of songs written with her guitar. That was the moment when she reached her friend Cristina with her classical trained voice to participate in her effort to process them. Those were the songs that started to work on as a band. Alongside, to blend the influences that each member was carrying and the music styles they were fond of. After a year of music fermentations, their first four track EP ‘Tether‘ got ready and officially released on January 13th 2017.

The  promising sound of ‘Tether‘ is a real dream pop one containing strong alternative rock references. As it was described best by Blushing themselves in an interview their music is “A journey through sweet and grit that will take you longer than 3 minutes to get through.”

The music production of ‘Tether‘ was assigned to a local new talented recording engineer and producer Philip Odom also owner of Bad Wolf Recordings. All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Philip Odom at his studio in Austin Texas. He achieved to be considered, in a way, the fifth member of the band and played an also significant role to the final result and in the determination of which was going to be Blushing sound in their precursor ‘Tether‘ EP.

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