What a weird name, and what a surgical, brutal math-core band! Blame Kandinsky started their “show” back in 2014, and few months ago they released their second “elegant” and “chaotic” LP. This is for fans of Converge mostly, but the band will shake you if you are keen on the west coast hard/core. Blame Kandinsky are on the road now for a Balcanic assault, we couldn’t just ignore them, so here’s a quite nice chat with the band!

Hello guys, welcome to Last Day Deaf! Give us the hot news, what’s that tour coming out in the 30th of April? I saw that you also include few cities outside Greece, so tell us how was it all arranged, is it a DIY project and also what other bands are on this?

Hi there LDD buddies! Here’s Mario! Yes that’s true, we finally have our first Balkan/European tour set. It’s 13 shows in a row and we are truly excited! We arranged it all by ourselves with some precious help from a few good friends of us and of course all the DIY promoters out there who let it happen! We start with 3 shows in Greece at Athens, Kalamata and Thessaloniki and then we are off to Skopje, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria within those days!! We don’t really share the whole tour with another band but we are going to share the stage with many great local bands in every city! It will be definitely a bloodshed!! J

Cool! Let’s talk about the story now, Blame Kandinsky are intoxicated by math-core, having released one EP and an LP so far. Why choose math-core to hard-core, and how did it all start with the band?

We didn’t choose any genre the genre chose us! We all serve music I think! I suppose that all began when I met Chris (our drummer), back in 2010, we were walking the same path at that time. We were both listening to all popular math acts like Botch, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan etc., so we decided to start a band and explore this kind of crazy aspect in music at once, as soon as we had the time. So, after 2 years I accidentally met Stratos (our singer) in a show and he was really killing it with a band. I didn’t hesitate to ask him to join me and Chris for a new project (Chris didn’t know anything that time I called him after Stratos accepted my proposal!) Despite our conversation with Chris was already two years old he was just there.. ready to go!

Shortly Kostas (bass) and Spyros (guitar) join us and the rest is history… not!

Where are you artistically coming from, meaning what are your main influences in music, and where are you leading the band to?

Our musical backgrounds differ a lot, such as our influences. I can’t really tell if there is any kind of music which at least one of us doesn’t appreciate and listen to it. We don’t think too much about where Blame Kandinsky are going, we just play and try to keep an open minded approach on what we create.

Give us some details on the band’s “literature” please, lyrics, titles and the BK’s manifest…

Regarding the lyrics me and Stratos do the writing, we called them texts, we have plenty of them like from forever, we don’t write words to match the music.

They are all stories telling what we think of living. It’s in our mindset to write down what we think or what we feel. We also don’t match the titles with the context.

We face any part of our creations like an independent piece of art. Every ingredient stands alone, titles, texts, cover art and album title, all narrate something non conceptual.

How come choose a name like that? Why, for example, didn’t you blame…Renoir or DaVinci or…?

It just happened, maybe we stuck with how it sounds. We like it I think haha.

As I was listening to Spotting Elegance In Chaos, it all revealed an excellent production on solid sound with compact arrangements, Unreal Studios, Fascination Street for mastering and that’s pretty impressive, so I have to ask about the next step for BK. Having already set high sonic standards, what are we expecting from you in time?

We would like to keep our standards high for sure. I can’t say now if it will be possible to take it to a next level (according to what is ‘Spotting Elegance In Chaos’ today) but how we sound is really important to us. We are going to have a new album in the next couple of years anyway and that’s all I’m aware of for now.

What other bands are you mostly keen on, that you can’t wait to see them live, to “entertain” you?

When it comes to concerts I’m not sure if our preferences in home listening matches. Our mood of watching something live. We definitely crank up our home hi fi with some hard stuff many times but as far as I know 3 of us can’t wait to see BADBADNOTGOOD and Kamasi Washington on stage in the next months!

Of course we would enjoy a Converge or Dillinger concert, even more if we would be the opening act 🙂


Playing math-core needs skills (that you certainly have), and some bands in the genre have practised some fusion musings to their “core”. Will BK put some, like that jazzy-fusion-electro oriented styles, in their music?

We are into that stuff  too, in a way, so it is possible to squeeze some lines in, later in our new songs, maybe not though, if it doesn’t come spontaneously.

What does that cracking, mashed world need, to avoid permanent paralysis?

We need to leave this so this place may be saved!

Thanx-a-lot guys, have fun on tour, and close the interview as you want!

Thank you for contacting us! Rick Sanchez for president!!!!

Photo credits: Danai Simou

Mike Dimitriou