Freaktown‘ is the sophomore album and lovechild of A Victim Of Society. The sound of rock psychedelia, that the duo used to have, met new band member, Padelis, and his drum kit and together they pushed everything into high gear. The result is “FREAKTOWN”, eight songs full of psychedelic guitars and primal beats recorded with respect to the bands’ live performance and sound.

The album is focused on what happened when the three of them started playing together. The songs that they composed are the soundtrack of all the things they talked about and the things they talked about are found in the lyrics of these songs. They worked on electronic beats, drums, guitars and bass synths and turned them into eight living things. They played every song live, over and over again, in the same obsessive order, until each one of them was alive and ready to be captured in the studio. “FREAKTOWN” is all of these elements together, locked, in the form the band gave them.

Out on LP (incl. cd version) and digital album via Inner Ear Records.