Bewitched As Dark: a striking name, an original talent in dark wave. It is a one-woman band from Turkey, involved in E.B.M./dark wave with a lot of ambient and industrial elements in it. She is mysterious, never letting her name in public and always publishing distorted or dark and dull artistic pictures of her, obviously enhancing the interaction between her and her art. She makes dark, melodic and intense music, sometimes flavored with her country’s musical elements. What caught my interest was her very big portfolio of releases, in only 2-3 years. Then I started listening to the music that took me by surprise and I am amazed at her talent. She’s an original dark musician with never ending music in her head using to create her own way of expression, her own language. Making an interview with B.A.D. verified her mysterious character. Enjoy!

Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers worldwide. How did it all start, how did you get involved in music?

Music appeals to the emotion and has an effect on almost everyone in so many different ways. I started my music so as to explore this ‘density’.

You mostly make dark electronic music but the world doesn’t know much about the underground darkwave scene in Turkey, could you please introduce it to us?

The people who make this kind of music in Turkey are valuable. We are a minority, but there is always quality work being done.

It all looks like you are full of new, interesting ideas in the genre. You have made many releases in a short period of time (2-3 years, if I am correct). Where does all that orgasmic inspiration come from?

In order to face a difficult life situation, the people who have to deal with it become more productive. I think about my music at times like these.

One Woman Band! Please tell us about it! What drives you in doing it all by yourself, rather than being a band member?

Most of the time a person gets along well with one’s self. Personally, I have always wanted to do things by myself.

How would you describe your art? It certainly is electronic but it has a darkwave structure and you come up with dark ambient soundscapes too. How do you choose whether a song will end up to groovy E.B.M. or darkwave etc?

Music genres, human species, animal species… All that classification, I’m not interested in. I am not a fan of fragmentation. I love the whole.


What is it that inspires you in making music? Could it be a book, or life itself or many things combined?

Life is inspiring enough.

Do you prefer studio work, or performing live? Do any other musicians play with you?

Live performances may not always give the desired pleasure to the listener. I find it more effective to work in the studio.

What are the future plans of Bewitched As Dark? A collaboration, or maybe a tour?

I haven’t got a plan. I don’t live according to a plan. Time will show what will happen in the future.

Could you share with us your current playlist? Which music genres are you interested in, what do you find touching nowadays?

Dark melodies always manage my life. I love listening to ‘90s darkwave, 80’s synthwave, ambient, old school goth rock bands and ebm, dark electro etc.

Thank you very much; you can add anything you like!

Thank you very much for your interest in my music. All of you, I wish you a world in which you are always able to do the things you love the most in life!

Mike Dimitriou