A very special release took place via Con-Wool-e-Store, on 16 July.

Fact 1: It has become a yearly tradition during the ‘Gentse Feesten‘ (the Ghent City Festival) for Consouling Store and Wool-E Shop to join forces and become the Con-Wool-E-Store. Both enterprises also release and promote music and also try to find occasions to collaborate. For this year’s collaboration Consouling Sounds has asked Empusae to partake in the split release. Wool-E Discs invited Klankdal to the split release, and they graciously accepted.

Fact 2: Having a split release with two of the most sophisticated representatives of electronic music is great joy!

Fact 3: A 4-track release, 3 from Empusae and 1 from Klankdal. But wait; the Klankdal track is a 30-minute live performance at Logos Foundation. The fans of advanced electronica and experimental music will discover heaven in it! Empusae is an extremely talented musician with a very long catalogue so far, mixing post-industrial electronic with organic and maybe ritual stuff and he does it so well I never got tired while listening to his LPs. Klankdal are an experimental duo who make drone, field recordings music, putting some deep shoegazing guitar craft in it. That is all: like a gift to people who seek for something beyond or just the next step in musical experimentation!

Mike Dimitriou