IDLES is a Bristol-based punk band filled with empathy, solicitude, and a roisterous energy. All of those aspects meld in their sophomore album, ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ released via Partisan Records, with tracks such as ‘Danny Nedelko’, ‘Colossus’, ‘Samaritans’, and ‘Rottweiler’. I had the chance to sit down for Last Day Deaf with lead singer Joe Talbot, while the rest of the band was starting to warm-up, ahead of their gig at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall. If you enjoy lovingly violent mosh pits, guitarists stage-diving and wandering the audience to find a gig-goer to play for a moment before returning to artfully crafted thrashing, a drummer with a sense of humor, and a singer who’s voice permeates the room like no one else, then it’s highly suggested you put an IDLES concert on your calendar. Tickets are still on sale for the rest of their tour, with dates across America, Canada, and Europe. Dry humor can sometimes be mistaken for seriousness, so Joe asked that it be made clear his joke about what he’d do in Colombia was just that – a joke. In case the laughing didn’t clarify that for you, now it’s been made abundantly clear. With that disclaimer in mind, give our quick chat a listen to below.

Sarah Medeiros