Minimal but atmospheric ambient drones focussing on just one note and its normally hidden harmonics.

The music on this album is played on guitar with an ebow through a selection of effects.

The two different versions use the same source material – 4 seperate recordings playing the same note.

The parallel version plays these recordings simultaneously. Each recording is looped but is a different length, so the music interacts in subtly different ways and never completely repeats itself throughout the piece.

The linear version plays each recording one after another with the music playing into the long, slowly decaying loop I use for most other Ghost Harmonics recordings.

The differences between the two are subtle but, I hope, satisfying. This is an approach I will try again for future albums.

Released 15 September 2017

1. As The Sun Melts Into The Ocean (Parallel Version)
2. As The Sun Melts Into The Ocean (Linear Version)

Total running time: 1:38:14

All music written, performed and produced by Ghost Harmonics
at MCos, Manchester during August 2017.

Photography and design by Ghost Harmonics.

Cover photograph: Sunset over the Pacific near Dana Point, California, September 2015.