Hommage to Dimitris Condos (1931-1996)
With works by Dimitris Condos, Ralph Hunter-Menzies,
Giorgos Kontis, Nina Papaconstantinou, Voula Priovolou

Show Duration: 16.09.17 – 27.10.17

The first tribute of CAN Gallery for 2017 focuses on the work of Dimitris Condos (1931-1996) one of the most significant artists in Greece who worked with abstraction.

Condos overcame the traditional boundaries of the frame and created works that had the potential to extend indefinitely on the wall or in the free space. In his series Transformations and Homogenesis he created gestural writing, amorphus and conceptual art pieces – while in works such as Toys for Old Children or in the Roman Pictural he focused at pieces that employed the participation of the audience in the artwork and thus became a pioneer of international level in his field. His works express his fresh and restless artistic spirit and remain contemporary and bold examples of an unprecedented style and positioning in the visual arts in Greece and internationally.


A student of Yiannis Moralis at the School of Fine Arts, where he studied painting in 1950-1955, he continued his studies in Rome (1956-1961), where in 1959 he founded “Gruppo Sigma” along with his friends Yannis Gaitis, Vlassis Caniaris, Costas Tsoclis and Nikos Kessanlis. Having already presented his works in group exhibitions abroad, mainly in Italy, as well as in exhibitions all over Greece since 1960, he returned to his homeland in 1964 after a two year stay in Paris between 1961-1963 and was appointed to the permanent teaching staff of Free Drawing in the Faculty of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. In 1974 he earned a scholarship from the Ford Foundation and in 1975 he had his solo show at the historic “Desmos” gallery. In 1984 he was elected Professor at the newly founded School of Visual and Applied Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he was later appointed as President. In 1996 he passed at the age of 65. His works are found in several private and public collections.

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