• Q & A with Dik Dik Dik from Detonic Recordings

Please give us a brief bio of the label. How did it start, til today….

Detonic Recordings started in 2014, there was no real plan or ambition for the project.. but hey : here we are celebrating our 13th release! I call our sub-sub-sub genre “Home Brewed Death Disco” but I reserve the right to mess with the Modus Operandi whenever I feel like it

Its really just a project though.. Who in their right mind would release a tape by an unknown 80’s noise rock band and then package it in a slab of resin so it can never be played? Who else could assemble a compilation so perfect and sell so few copies?

Which labels inspired you most to make your own?

I wasnt really inspired by other labels, does the “label” really mean anything more? Theres 13 yr old kids who call their Bandcamp page a label and theres still the multi-nationals who fill the new boutique record parlours with 180 gramme Nirvana reissues.

I like the idea of a theme or artistic consistency across the releases but theres no way Im going to dictate that or make the people I work with conform to some colour palette/style sheet to further the brand.

Which is the motto for Detonic Recordings?

Theres no right way , theres no wrong way.

Which are your future plans for the label?

Recently a lot of my energies are taken up with the new radio show on New Zealands 8k Internet radio station. Ive always loved making mix tapes and its a bit like releasing a new compilation every week.

But the label goes on: There have been 3 releases from around the world, so far in 2017, but for now all hands are on deck for the Metal Disco‘s EP.

  • Three distinctive Detonic Recordings releases


Various Artists – ‘Normalised : The Detonic Collection LP

For Normalised : The Detonic Collection LP started off as a mission to create the perfect compilation LP. I contacted my favorite bands from a round the world and asked them to contribute an unreleased song for the record. The quality of responses was amazing, it really sounds like a set of hit singles.

The amazing cover art is by Joe LL Cool and the clear vinyl pressed in Melbourne is just amazing and smells divine.


Various Artists – ‘Data Corruption LP

Another Comp, but a bit more ambitious its a collaboration with the Radiowave Recordings label from London. The concept? semi-reciprocal cover versions… 14 acts real and imagined, 14 songs never heard before, 14 devious diversions, 14 belches of joy.

A double A-side compilation? A box set of split singles?A tetradecagon A sided album, if you will, of new-fi, lo-rent joyous spleurge and run.


VvvV – ‘VvvV LP

One of our latest and greatest releases, this band are from Bordeaux and they play a classy synthwave/post punk hybrid that is fucken awesome both live and on this their debut LP.

Theres a law that decrees given two points in space, voltage is the difference in electric potential between those two points. VvvV is an exercise in that electric tension , so much pent up energy, threat and impetus barely constrained behind those cruelly mistreated instruments. So many sparks.. such a great record.








 Curated by: Christos Doukakis