Arcadian Child is 4-piece psych/rock band from Limassol, Cyprus. Last year, they released one of the most impressive debuts, ‘Afterglow’, that are going to present live on February 10th at Death Disco, sharing the stage with Drunken Gramophone. Here is a cool interview we did with those promising dudes just before their live appearance….

Hello Arcadian Child… Please introduce the band to Last Day Deaf readers…

Greetings everyone. We are Arcadian Child, a rock band from Limassol, Cyprus and we play our own version of psychedelia. The band is fronted by Panayotis I. Georgiou on vocals and guitars, Andreas Kerveros on bass and backing vox, Stathis Chatzicharalambous on lead guitars and Christos Dimou on drums.

Your 2017’s debut ‘Afterglow’ was a really solid alternative/psych release. Which would you consider its main influences and why not “ingredients”?

Thank you for that Christos. We really appreciate your comments. Since the inception of the album’s concept we were really focused on one thing. To blend the psychedelic grandeur of the 60s with today’s perception about rock music. The band members’ diverse backgrounds are apparent throughout the album and this is something that rolled out naturally. We do love though The Black Angels, All them Witches, Queens Of The Stone Age, Aphrodite’s Child, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

Remaining to your debut, cannot resist in asking about my personal favourite ‘Rabbit Hole’, and one of 2017’s most outstanding tracks! Speak up please.. What’s the story behind this gem?

We are grateful about that. ‘Rabbit Hole‘ was really Panayotis’s attempt to crack how people interact in today’s relationships, whether these are romantic or not. We are after all humans that live, interact, love and hate each other. The idea was to see how deep one is willing to go for another individual. We do hope that people connected with this notion.

Did you expect the critical reception and the rave reviews from all over the world? How difficult/easy is it for your 2nd one?

While we were recording the album we had only one thing in mind. To be the best version of ourselves throughout the recordings. We hopefully managed to come through. Now once the album was complete we were hopeful that people will connect with it and even see a reflection of themselves through it. We were certainly not expecting this overwhelming support but we certainly worked towards that end.

What’s your opinion about the Cypriot alternative scene? Which bands/artists should we pay attention to?

There are indeed quite a few bands that are outstanding. The problem is that there aren’t enough venues and initiatives that can support this ‘underground” movement that wants to shamelessly express itself. I believe that in time things will get better. We truly believe that the only way forward is working together just like in Greece where the scene is flourishing (in terms of amazing bands popping out like mushrooms). To name just a few artists we like, you guys should check out The Ladderman, Abettor, The Low Spark and Delirium Elephants, Black Anis, Belua and Lemesios.

Would you like to talk about your latest cool video for ‘Irresistible’? I could state that Its aesthetics are psych-influenced! Right?

Indeed, they are. Our partner and collaborator Iam Nothe is one hell of a talent. We discussed about the concept for like 3 minutes and that was it. He took of the rest and produced something that we are really proud of. We’d like to thank him for his patience, work and talent.

On February 10th you are hitting the Death Disco stage, along with Drunken Gramophone. What should we expect?

On this note, we’d like to thank Drunken Gramophone for standing by our side in this venture of ours. We will present ‘Afterglow‘ in its entirety plus 2 brand new songs from our next album which is to be released later in 2018. Plus you get the usual lo-fi madness from DG. It will be nice.


Future plans & hopes?

Few things actually. ‘Afterglow‘ is scheduled to be released on a 12’ vinyl in May through Rogue Wave Records. We have booked some shows in festivals that we will announce at a later stage and we sure hope to book some more. We are also working on our sophomore album which will be out later this year again through Rogue Wave Records.

Last words belong to Arcadian Child…. Add anything you wish.

Run to save yourself from everything that you hold close to,

Run to save yourself from you.

Thank you for hosting us Christos. It’s been a pleasure all the way talking to you.

See you soon.

Photo credits: Giorgos Dascalos

Christos Doukakis