Formed in Thessaloniki, The Bullets is a 30 year-old rock n’ roll band, hitting the road again for a promising live performance at KYTTARO Live Club, in Athens, on February, the 10th. If you are around, don’t miss the chance for a festive rock n’ roll dancing night!

So Bullets, welcome to Last Day Deaf! Please introduce the band to our readers.

A big howdy to all! I’m Shockin’ Steve, the singer and guitarist of the band. The other members are Bullet Cost on drums, Billy Karkavitsas on bass and Haris Granis on guitar and vocals.

On the 10th of February, you are going to perform for the celebration of the band’s 30 year anniversary at KYTTARO Live Club stage in Athens. How do you feel about this upcoming night?

We are very excited for this concert! We plan to do a flash back playing some forgotten songs we used to play in the beginning of our career, and some brand new tunes, as well. We can’t wait for this night!

Having been a part of the audience in previous gigs of yours and of the rock n’ roll party spirit among your audience, always wanted to ask you: How difficult is for a band to share and maintain the artistic chemistry with each other and stick together?

It’s not difficult at all! The only thing you have to do as a piece of the band, is to be yourself. I am the No1 fan of The Bullets and enjoy every show more than everything, indeed! If you have true fun on stage, the audience receives this energy and sends it back to you, ten times stronger! This is how it works. Simple, isn’t it?

What are the main sectors that contribute to the band’s creative process and inspiration?

I guess it’s our way of living. We are all different personalities but we all adore life. I will speak about myself. Every day when I wake up, I feel so thankful for all these I have. I enjoy living. Enjoy every feeling; love, happiness, sorrow, hope, sadness, disappointment, dreams… All these are the parts of life’s puzzle. So, every single piece of this puzzle is a unique inspiration.

The Bullets has been a 30 year band with a relatively limited discography. Should we expect a new album soon? Are you in a recording process?

That’s a long story. In every interview they ask me the same question. The true answer is that we are nothing but lazy dogs. We have made hundreds and hundreds shows, but on the other hand, we have recorded not more than 30 songs. There’s a dozen of new songs in process and hopefully we’re gonna do a brand new album in next months.

Which bands would you consider as most influential in regards to The Bullets?

The Rolling Stones used to sing ‘The Singer Not The Song‘, but we say exactly the opposite. We like many artists but we have no idols. I could say that we focus on rock’n’roll genres like Teddy Boy rock, neo rockabilly, Doo-Wop, surf, garage… We like the 50’s atmosphere, the 60’s grove, the 70’s freedom, the 80’s revival sound and so on….


What was the band’s best moment from their beginning up to now?

Well, let me think… It’s weird, but I cannot separate a single moment. I will name you some, as they pass through my head. I remember a great festival in Genova, Italy, where we played as headliners and all the other bands joined us on stage. Another great moment was in Germany after a furious gig; we went next morning to the same venue to carry our equipment and over than 50 people were waiting for us to share breakfast. A woman told me that our music changed her way of life! A great moment was five years ago in our 25th anniversary in KYTTARO again, where we shared the stage with many great rock’n’roll musicians from Athens.

The Bullets was a main part of the Greek rockabilly rival during the late 80’s. How do you feel about the rock n’ roll scene in Greece nowadays?

We know every rock’n’roll band in the country, and we are friends with most of them. We wish to exist more bands with young people joining them, so it would be impossible to know all of them. That meant to be a great scene! Unfortunately, there’s not so much new blood in the scene and I’m very upset about it.

What are your plans for the future?

The plan is …no plan!

Please, feel free to close this interview the way you like.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us all these years. We are very-very grateful for this amazing way of life with The Bullets. We have traveled everywhere and made real good friends all around Greece and Europe. We made people smiling and we received tons of love!

Photo credits: Karolina Tsirogianni (2nd one)

Vasiliki Nousa