Omni – ‘Sunset Preacher’


Tunng – ‘Flatland’ 


Gruff Rhys – ‘Frontier Man’ 


Green Seagull – ‘(I Used To Dream In) Black and White


Salad Boys – ‘Choking Sick’


Breakfast Muff – ‘Crocodile’


The Saxophones – ‘Picture’


The Green Child – ‘Destroyer’


Surf Harp – ‘I Lost You’


Natalie Prass – ‘Sisters’


GoGo Penguin – ‘Window’


Mind Over Mirrors – ‘Zeitgebers’


Insecure Men – ‘Cliff Has Left The Building’


The Lemon Twigs – ‘Foolin’ Around’


Dan Lyons – ‘Big Moon’



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