Miracle – ‘Light Mind’


Television Personalities – ‘Beautiful Despair’


Phobophobes – ‘Where Is My Owner?’


The Amazing – ‘Pull’


Joan As Police Woman – ‘Silly Me’


Moaning – ‘Tired’


Brigid Mae Power – ‘Don’t Shut Me Up (Politely)’


Carlton Melton – ‘Untimely / Electrified Sky’


Liima – ‘Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You’


Alela Diane – ‘Buoyant’


The Savage Rose – ‘A Girl I Knew’


Salad Boys – ‘Blown Up’


Dr. Dog – ‘Go Out Fighting’


Iceage – ‘Catch It’


Goat Girl – ‘The Man’


Marlon Williams – ‘Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore’ (with Aldous Harding)



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