Collective cool from the old school.

OSC is here with his brand of synthwave that evokes all the emotions of a young person discovering love, lust, and longing. ‘Him’ is a rollercoaster ride through the chambers of the heart.

Washed with the waves of the sun, ‘Him’ is one side of a tale that is delivered with the help of guest vocalist J. Frederick: Both know love and what it took to learn it. Their translation, in musical format, is one of sorrow, regret, patience, enjoyment, and acceptance.

The words and sounds will bring back memories you had long left behind, and this is no bad thing. Time heals all wounds, especially with a sun-kissed soundtrack that is fun and energetic.

There were good times, even after the heart-break. Let’s relive those times, together, and enjoy all the experiences that have brought us here.

OSC has brought a warm sound for all of our warm hearts to enjoy.