Amniac is a sludge/post-metal band from Piraeus, Greece, formed in 2010. After experimenting and settling musically, they self-released their first full-length album ‘Infinite’ in 2014. On February 10th they are presenting live their second album ‘Matriarch’ at Death Disco in Athens.

Your second album I guess is ready! What kind of difficulties have you managed to overcome since 2014 and the release of ‘Infinite’?

Definitely the recording process. We learned from our mistakes and had a more mature involvement and look on the songs. As a result during the mixing it was easier to give the proper requirements in order to have a satisfying result.

When was ‘Matriarch’ about to be released?

On January 23rd.

In your band’s profile you state that you wish not to be labeled. Do you think that labels are dated and limit the artists?

Labeling is a kind of Damoclean sword. It is necessary from one point of view in order to describe a music genre, but at the same time it limits the artists in one direction and never let them explore music, by fear of being judged negatively.

Do all members of Amniac share the same influences or each one contributes differently in composition?

Mainly yes. Of course separately we also have our own influences giving more “spice” to the final result.

Is ‘Matriarch’ in the same atmosphere as ‘Infinite’? Do you consider to experiment further in your future work?

As a whole ‘Matriarch’ is closer to post and progressive sounds than sludge. Kind of the opposite of ‘Infinite’. In ‘Infinite’ there was an angrier approach. ’Matriarch’ has more ups and downs..

Let’s talk about titles and semantics! What grows into Amniac? And what is the story behind the title of your new album ‘Matriarch’ and the artwork?

Matriarch’ is like a concept album. Every song is a story, a look on the oppression of woman, her fight and struggle in society through the ages. Music is built with both strong and atmospheric passages, a reflection to woman’s spirit. As a whole ‘Matriarch’ is a lament against patriarchy.

You will appear at Death Disco in Athens on February 10th and present ‘Matriarch’. Are you anxious about it and/or excited?

We are more excited than anxious, to bring out the album to a live audience and see the response.

Are there other live shows already scheduled?

For the time being, we don’t have any other date announced.

Thank you for your time! I wish you good luck on your new release. Feel free to add anything for the closing!

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will enjoy and appreciate our record. Hope to see you in one of our upcoming shows!

Mary Kalaitzidou