David Axelrod was on of the first artists to mix elements of jazz, rock and R&B. Apart from his artistic impact, he became also known for his recording techniques, managing to co-operate with jazz master Cannonball AdderleyDavid McCallum Donna Loren.

His solo discography is also significant spanning for about three and a half decades.

Axelrod has been one of the most heavily artists of all time by the likes of De La Soul, DJ Shadow, Quasimoto, Lauryn Hill, Dr. Dre, The Bealnuts and DJ Premier among others.

These are some of the initial reactions of Axelrod’s passing away:

Legendary composer David Axelrod has died. Hip-Hop producers including Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, and Madlib helped make his music immortal.” Cypress Hill

David could be incredibly intimidating, & he did not suffer fools…but if he liked & respected you, he was the most loyal friend on earth.” DJ Shadow

He was so immersed in creativity and so pure with his arrangements he WAS hip hop. And understood and appreciated hip hop culture (most cats would get guarded about time moving on & easily take the ‘NO!!!!!!!!’ disposition if they aren’t informed. David embraced and often reached out to producers and beatmakers for cool collabos).Questlove

A totally subjective selection of Axelrod’s vast discography is ‘Proud Sorrow‘, one the pure gems David released with Michael. A. Axelrod, Nooney Rickett in the wake of 70’s, from the self-titled Pride album. Folk rock at its best with some psychedelic ”spices”. And to be honest this “Song of the songs” describes best what I have been feeling since last Sunday on learning the sad news…

Christos Doukakis