Akrotheism will be appearing in Black Spectrum festival, at MODU, on November 20th. AEON on vocals, gave us this interview, providing us with solid answers to our questions. If you are into experimental black metal, then you should definitely check out this band, and of course go through the following lines…

Feel free to introduce Akrotheism to our readers. What’s your story so far?

Akrotheism came into existence during 2012 to perform violent, experimental black metal under matters of esotericism and philosophy. So far, we have two split releases (with Order Of The Ebon Hand and Septuagint) and one official album entitled as ‘Behold The Son Plagues’.

Back to the early days of the band. After the disbandment of Astral Aeon, Akrotheism was created, not as a follow up though. Which are the main differences between the two projects?

Astral Aeon is the tribute to our influences from Hellenic black metal scene. Influences from bands like Rotting Christ, Varathron, Order Of The Ebon Hand, Naer Mataron among others. Akrotheism is our desire to take the journey. The one that there is within us. Our dialogue with the eschaton of nature.

Your first ever release was a split EP through Ewiges Eis Records, with Order Of The Ebon Hand, who also will be appearing at Black Spectrum. How did this come to life, and how did the collaboration with the well respected German label come about?

We are proud to be friends with Order Of The Ebon Hand. They are one of the most important Hellenic black metal bands and always true to themselves. For many years we had been planning to have a split release together and we are really glad that this happened with the emerging of Akrotheism. Ewiges Eis Records is one of the Labels that love and support underground no matter the personal cost.  We sent our staff to them, and everything came out very easily.


Listening to your music I can say that you have strong bonds with occultism. What does ‘occult’ mean to you and how does this inspire/affect your musicianship?

No matter of how we call it, there are only two paths. Some choose the path of blindness and safety, while some others a solitary path towards the unknown. This kind of people use to make questions and these questions are the tools to carve doors on empty spaces and chaos. Our musicianship is the redemption of our how and why.

You have shared the stage, not many times, but with some really great black metal acts like Necros Christos, Ravencult, Necromass etc.  Do you feel lucky about this significant experience? 

One of the main criteria that motivates Akrotheism to participate on live performances, is to share the same stage with bands that we deeply appreciate and share some common thoughts. We are really proud for all of our experiences.

A tricky one now. Do you believe that black metal is one of those genres that should remain underground? One in a million, if mainstream media started promoting black metal, what would you do? Would you enjoy it?

Not only black metal but every kind of art is supposed to poetically reveal hidden truths about  the nature of our reality. So the answer depends on how many eyes have the strength to look forward at the end of these truths.

On November 20th you are about to appear in the Black Spectrum festival, sharing the stage with other three significant black metal bands. What should we expect?

A combination of energies. A musical performance of the images imprisoned within us.

Are there any plans for your 2nd full-length in the near future?

We are already in the process of creating our second album. The album will include 7 songs. Mixing and mastering will be done most possibly in the summer of 2017 at Emissary Studios by Stephen Lockhart. Also, the album cover is ready, painted by David S. Herrerias (Nightbringer, Irkalian Orackle , Akhlys, etc.).

A message from Akrotheism to Last Day Deaf readers….

The Black Spectrum is upon you; embrace it.

Photo credits: Aarnivalkea Art

Christos Doukakis