Last Day Deaf will be present at MODU this Sunday, November 20th, to cover the Black Spectrum festival featuring four of the best local, black metal acts (Impure Worship, Akrotheism, Order Of The Ebon Hand, Serpent Noir). This week will be dedicated to this event, and we are really proud to host interviews from all four participating bands, and of course this Q+A with the ‘Ceremony’s’ coordinators Katoptron IX.

So, what’s the initiative behind Black Spectrum? In other words, how was the project brought to life?

We, of Katoptron IX, aimed to explore the “live” chapter. Serpent Noir’s desire to present their latest album ‘Erotomysticism’ (which we unleased on cassette format) on stage, was the motivation to actualize this idea.

What led you to choose these 4 bands for the 1st Black Spectrum?

Our friendly interaction and co-operation with some of them, and music appreciation to all of them. Apart from the ‘Erotomysticism’ cassette release, we are also co-operating with Order Of The Ebon Hand for the cassette edition of their debut album ‘The Mystic Path To The Netherworld’, which was initially released in 1997.

Will Black Spectrum be a dedicated black metal Fest (or ‘Ceremony’) or are there plans to broaden the Fest to other extreme metal genres like death, grind, etc.?

 In case we repeat a similar project, it will be again with bands close to K-IX-R’s aesthetics.

A few days before the event. How difficult was to organize such an event then? Do you believe that dedicated fans will attend?

The only difficulty laid to the fact that this was our first live coordinating attempt. The bands have already won their audience by constantly presenting qualitative work and serious attitude, some of them have a new album in the making and all of them ‘nail’ it live. Pure and dedicated fans will attend for sure and will gain a priceless experience.

Is it too early to talk about another Black Spectrum?

It is. And most possibly the hypothetical sequel will be named otherwise. Black Spectrum is this unique ceremony.

A phrase which best describes Black Spectrum for closing this brief Q+A….

A live Reflection of Fiery and Stellar, Black Metal Art. Words do debase the whole experience nevertheless, so be there, let your eyes rest on the mirror of Black Spectrum and witness another side of Reality…

Christos Doukakis