Make Me Happy is behind the “back-to-the-90’s” event at Death Disco, on Friday, November 10th. ‘A Sparkle From the Past’ release party will take place that night, with 4 favorite bands from that era (Next Time Passions, The Jaywalkers, Pillow, Starblind). This is a very unique occasion for all of those who lived this great era, but also for new fans to get to know what 90’s (indie) youths had a ball with… So, lets ask Make Me Happy a few questions…. And…Action! 

So Make Me Happy. Tell us what is all about and ‘make us happy’…

Make Me Happy” is an indie pop synergy as we use to say , that we’ll try to encolour everyone’s music world with happiness and smiles

What made you choose these 4 bands for the event that will take place at Death Disco on November 10th?

Firstly is our love and admiration of their music. Then again it was our main aim to persuade them to get back to stage as we’re definitely convinced they deserve it, and finally we’re hoping that this won’t be just a simple live – gig – reunion among friends but the start of something new and creative.

Would you like to enlighten us with some info regarding the compilation ‘A Sparkle From The Past‘? How did you manage to get together all these bands?

Well , now that I’m thinking of this I suppose it took us ages till we get the vinyl into our hands since we first discussed about it !!… There were bands that that we could easily get in touch with as they were friends of ours , then there were bands that have happened to see them performing live in the past or having got their demos and songs but didn’t have any idea of what they were doing in our days… I must say that the most difficult part of this was to try discovering members of a band that we knew almost nothing about besides some songs of theirs (which they were great by the way)… But we’ve achieved it! At this point let me shout out loudly a huge “Thank you!” to all these wonderful people for giving their permission to use their songs and for their whole encouragement to our effort

What holds the future for Make Me Happy? Any other events we should look forward to?

We’ll take it step by step. We’re highly focused on the live event at the Death Disco at the moment and the release of the compilation album. The only thing that we can guarantee about is that we’ll never ever going to run out of ideas

What does indie pop mean for Make Me Happy?

Favorite sparkling moments that have been shared with favorite songs and beloved people , night ferry travels to Cycladic Complex Islands , walking in the wintertime as snowflakes surround the body , trembling hands one into the other moments before the words “I love you” fill up in the air , chatting and laughing with friends around the fireplace , standing by the weak’s and poor’s side and never surrender to any strong’s side miserable plans, and the list goes on…

Christos Doukakis