The 10th November event at Death Disco is a very unique one and of priceless sentimental value. Make Me Happy, organizers of this happening, chose 4 bands from the Golden 80’s/90’s indie pop era, Next Time Passions, The Jaywalkers, Pillow and Starblind to appear live in the context of ‘A sparkle From The Past‘ vinyl compilation LP.

Last Day Deaf is integral part of this indie fest, and hopefully will be hosting interviews from all 4 participating bands, the organizers and as usual our very own Photo Tribute.

Entrance is free, so no excuses!

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Next Time Passions – Bio

NTP formed in 1991. Initially the group started by Yannis (Bass guitar), Nikos (Lead Guitar), Elias (Keyboards) and Vasilis (vocals).
Their influences mostly was several Indie – Pop bands of that time and especially those under Sarah Records like St. Christopher, Brighter, Another Sunny Day, and of course Field Mice.
In 1992, Makis (Guitar) has joined the group.
After a couple of years when they mostly made live concerts along with other Greek Indie – Pop bands, they recorder “Angel Flower”, a 3 song 7″ mini EP that released under the label of “This Happy Feeling” a small independed record company.
In the next years, many of their songs such as “Not Here Anymore”, “Feeling So Real”, “Sunday Sore”, “She”, are included in Pop compilations released from various labels around the globe.

The Jaywalkers – Bio

The Jaywalkers are an 80’s band that was formed by Pashalis Plisis & Giorgos Mouchtaridis. They only released a 4-track E.P. ‘Mini LP’ (Virgin Hellas, 1987). Their cover version of The Beatles’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, is one of the most outstanding tracks.

They played a lot of gigs, playing support to bands such as Watermelon Men, Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, while their most important one was supporting The Triffids at RODON Club, the very first day that legendary venue had opened.

They reformed the band in, almost 20 years after their break-up, in 2010 to play support (with Yeah) at The Triffids gig once again, at Gagarin 205.

Pillow – Bio

Alternative/ Indie pop band from Greece.

Members (1994):
George Dimopoulos:Vocals-Guitars
Alexandros “Mongo Bongo”:Drums-Vocals
Angelos Kikiras:Guitars
George Tsipotis:Bass

Starblind – Bio

The indie pop band Starblind formed in Athens during 1998. The line up composed of members that had previously been in other bands such as Distorted Image and Kissamatic Lovebubbles. The line up was Marily Kitsiona (vocals), George Otemperis (guitar), Yannis Massouras (bass), Katerina Kastana (keyboards) and Nick Drivas (drums). In 1999 they recorded their four track demo “Killing A Day”. From this demo the track “Crush On You” was featured on two compilations, “Try A Little Sunshine” by Pop Art records and “Picnic Basket” by the American label Shelflife.