VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Caruso – Dreams

Caruso is a multi-award-winning writer and artist, and the leader, writer, and front man of the US Alt/Rock Band 308 Ghost Train, and ‘Dreams’ is his powerful, solo debut single, with an effortless melody, destined for the listeners’ hearts!

Raised On TV – Around the Sun

Indie rock band from the San Fernando Valley, Raised On TV hit gold vein with their latest single ‘Around the Sun’, and sounds like early-era DIIV jam with The Strokes. Brilliant, flawless and super fast!

Rival Consoles – Running

Rival Concoles never ceases to amaze, and ‘Running’, is another alluring, idm/downtempo masterpiece by the British maverick….  

Bobcat – Listen To Me Baby

Bobcat is a one-man band like no other, drawing inspiration from the likes of garage rock, soul music, power-pop, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, punk rock, psychobilly, living and creating in his very own “time capsule”. ‘Listen To Me Baby’ is among those gems that the listener will feel unreal bonds with 50s & 60s sound and culture, even if in his/her early teens….

Sons of Legend – Dirty Guitar Blues

Sons of Legend’s ‘Dirty Guitar Blues’, is exactly what its title implies, “dirty”, guitar-driven, raw blues, heavily influenced by outlaw country,,,, Great stuff! 

Range Life – Say

If you like bands like Spaklehorse & Wilco, then Range Life’s alt country & lo-fi rock hybrid sound will be just right for you. A superb way to start is ‘Say’…

Maja – Not Picking Up

Serbian-born singer-songwriter Maja, living and creating in Australia, recently gifted us with her alt pop ear-candy ‘Not Picking Up’, a track “about moving on from friendships that no longer serve you”.

Don Turi – Pinocchio (Feat. Sir Alice)

‘Pinocchio’ is the stunning, hard techn obanger and magic opener of  the Don Turi’s recently released ‘Blue Ballet’ EP…. Relentless and authoritative!

Tender Glue – At the Same Time

A unique blend of shoegaze, dream pop and outer indie rock by Tender Glue, who stated about this gem: “This song represents the feeling of being sad and happy at the same time. I have always felt strongly about fall for some reason. It gives me this feeling of being happily sad. Perhaps it’s the feeling of melancholy for all the happy memories that have come to an end.”

Asylums – Instant Coffee

Asylums re-dicover the great 90s brit pop, with their stunning new single ‘Instant Coffee’, and a divine chorus to sing along! Cathartic anthem!

Christos Doukakis