We feel more than excited for today’s exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf of the Swedish experimental/art pop duo Cult of Y, and their stunning track and video ‘Glory Glory‘, taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Work In Progress’ due this November. The noir gospel pop sound is genuinely combined with the gothic styled video, directed by award winning film maker Robin Kempe-Bergman,(was a core member of electronic music collective iamamiwhoam).

Take a deep breath… This one’s pretty unique!

Press Notes:

Enigmatic Swedish experimental pop duo Cult of Y return with a brand new release ‘Glory Glory’, lifted from the forthcoming debut EP ‘Work In Progress’ due this November.

Following on from the duo’s noir inspired visuals for recent track ‘Mountain’, ‘Glory Glory’ continues the cinematic theme, it is a brooding cocktail of cinematic pop, gospel, rock, scattered electronics, laced with a heady dose of haunting gothic imagery.
The duo’s music half August Vinberg says: ”In my daily quest for samples I came across Odetta´s acapella version of Glory Glory. I found it so beautiful that I wanted to keep the production very spacious and minimalistic. This is a challenge for me since I usually like to bring out the big guns and make songs explode but this time it wasn’t right for the song. I re-recorded the vocals, added a bass and an organ and that’s pretty much it. Often when I make Cult of Y music I’m looking for contrasts but in this case there wasn’t any need to do so because of the story in the video.

Knowing where the girls are heading and what’s to come there’s already a dissonance between the beauty in the music and the horrors to come in the story.” About the video: “The video for Glory Glory sets the stage for what’s to come. For us, for our characters and for our audience. It contains some necessary travel allowance but first and foremost it’s a glorious beginning of an end.” Delving head first into our present time and capturing our collective feelings of angst, the audiovisual duo Cult of Y consisting of producer August Vinberg and film director Robin Kempe-Bergman, release ‘Mountain’ – the first chapter of the upcoming EP ‘Work in Progress’ – a collage of our fractured age that hits just like a fork in the road.