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Cave Flowers

‘Best Lonesome Friend’


Press Notes:

Inspired by legendary long-timers John Prine and Willie Nelson, Andy McAllister spent a good three years kicking the tires on new tunes, filling up notebooks and stockpiling stories. After releasing three albums with his previous band Vanish Valley, he found himself drifting around Los Angeles – still dreaming of putting together a group that would reach for that laid-back California country sound that he originally left Seattle for in the first place.

He reconnected with guitar and genuine renaissance man, Henry Derek Elis, who he first met 10 years ago when he moved to LA. Elis brought equal parts Waylon Jennings and Crazy Horse into the equation and the band quickly took shape with Ryan Wykert (Ivory Deville) on drums and Ben Coil on bass.

In a matter of months, the group swiftly sorted through McAllister’s song sketches, giving thumbs up to what immediately felt good, bringing the vibes and breathing new life into them. The band went into the Heritage Recording Company with Chris Rondinella (who got his start engineering for Levon Helm) and in two days tracked 11 songs live.

Jon Niemann (Gospelbeach) and Frankie Palmer kindly added keys and pedal steel, respectively. The results are roll-your-window-down Americana mixed with a healthy dose of outlaw country goodness that might just hit the sweet spot on the ears just as the sun starts to set on the horizon.

Rubin Kates and the Revival

‘Vivian Road’ feat. Jenna Gallagher


Press Notes:

Rubin Kates and the Revival consists of Rubin, guitarist, songwriter and lead vocalist, Todd Porter on bass and drums, Jenna Gallagher on backing vocals and violin, and a special guest appearance by Jerome Godboo on harmonicas.Their debut Album is entitled Vivian Road.

Fly My Pretties

‘Quiet Girl’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Fly My Pretties evolved into an amorphous entity that claims over 50 members from acts like Lord Echo, The Phoenix Foundation, Trinity Roots, Hollie Smith, Terrible Sons, and many others. New single “Quiet Girl” is a hypnotic highway jam that feels reminiscent of J.J. Cale with an added spirit of blues and roots music.



[indie folk/chamber pop]

Press Notes:

Seattle-based artist and producer SYML shares his brooding new single, “Symmetry,” a reflective, finger-picked tune inspired by

Brian Fennell’s interest in black holes. He explains, “I have been obsessed with black holes for a while now, mostly with how insignificant they make me feel. There is something extremely beautiful and daunting about infinity, especially when it comes to our inability to understand it. This song feels like the dust that gathered in an abandoned space station that’s been circling earth for years.”

Glenn Munson

‘Ode To My Ex’ 


Press Notes:

Glenn Munson was born and raised in Suffolk, England, His scenic upbringing would later come to manifest itself in his acoustic folksy approach to songwriting. Glenn moved to East London in January of 2011 after a turbulent time in his life.

It was during this time of uprooting and a deep depression that Glenn came across a busted up guitar which he felt magnetically drawn to, this was the pivotal point that led him down the path to exploring his melancholic songwriting style.

Glenn could be described as having one foot in heaven and one foot in hell, he can be self-destructive at times of depression but all the damage he causes leads to his self-reflective periods in which he writes the songs that help him recover until the cycle starts over

Glenn’s music heavily involves themes of love, sex and betrayal. These are the themes that he feels most connected to, they are like him, earthly and real. His music also takes influence from religious themes and iconography. Being haunted by demons and a need for salvation, whether through love or self-acceptance is present in his songs. Glenn portrays a truly tortured and weathered soul that has the power to manifest itself into the most heart touching moments of his music.

Party of the Sun

‘Sea Surrounds’

[americana/indie folk]

Press Notes:

Party of the Sun is an indie folk band from New Hampshire led by songwriter Ethan McBrien and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rory Hurley. Since 2006, both McBrien and Hurley have recorded and performed with funk/rock fusion outfit The Youngest Sun. Throughout his career, McBrien has had interest in folk music as well, writing many songs influenced by the Americana tradition. In the fall of 2015, McBrien and Hurley began recording this material. These collaborative sessions, at McBrien’s home, a small sheep farm in Marlborough NH, where the impetus of what would soon become Party of the Sun. The first recordings from Party of the Sun surfaced in summer of 2017 via three singles released on the LA-based independent label Trailing Twelve Records.

Party of the Sun has shared the stage with acts including William Tyler, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and The Weight Band.

Martha Bean

‘Along The Lonely’


Press Notes:

Leicester-based alt-folk songwriter Martha Bean began her musical journey early – at the age of just three, she began writing melodies on the piano, but refused lessons from her mum (a piano teacher). She turned her hand to any instrument she could get hold of, which, growing up in a musical household, wasn’t too difficult.

Jac with No K



Press Notes:

Jac with No K is an alt-blues project headed by Jac Carson, Philly based blues guitarist and songwriter who has been hailed as, “an all around nice guy.”

Casey Golden

‘All of the Times’

[indie folk/chamber pop]

Press Notes:

Recorded on a day off in Cologne, Germany during a European tour in 2018, Casey Golden’s II is a true snapshot into an artist’s life during a period of transformation – one that showcases Golden’s most personal work to date. Backed up by his “dream” band, Connor Gallaher (Calexico), Andrew Collburg (Howe Gelb), and Grant Beyschau (The Myrrors), the album incorporates textures reminiscent of Alice Coltrane, fuzed out psych freakouts that nod to the Tropicalia movement, and an emphasis on harmony and melodic turnaround that could only be taught by such pop masterminds as Margo Guryan and Burt Bacharach, who weren’t afraid of using big emotional language when writing about love. This isn’t entirely a hark back to the past however, its Golden’s voice – an angelic whisper that pops straight out of the speakers and feels like a pillow where you can lay your head for the night. It’s an introverts venture into the real world of 2019.

Tan Sanders and the Derelicts

‘Low Down Poor Man Blues’

[alt country]

Press Notes:

Tan Sanders and the Derelicts are an alt country band based out of Goldsboro, North Carolina.


Compiled by: Christos Doukakis