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Ben Gage

‘Give a Damn’

[indie folk/americana]

Press Notes:

Ben Gage is a songwriter and performer from Akron, OH. His songs pull heavily from his roots surrounded by a hard working family, Northeast Ohio countryside, and living in one of the greatest cities in the Rust Belt.

Ben was a founding member of the regional bluegrass band The Gage Brothers where he played various percussion, harmonica, mandolin, and sang. Now he swapped the mandolin for a guitar, and does all of that at once. His live performances are a fancy take on rubbing your belly and patting your head.

Charlie Williams



Press Notes:

Musician turned crime novelist turned singer-songwriter, always evolving my own original (mainly acoustic) sound. I used to write kind of absurdist crime novels to some acclaim, and was published in several countries. Some of my songs tread the same path.


‘Fly to the Moon’ (Live Session)


Press Notes:

K Nahotchan is a French folk music group born in 2012 from the meeting between Jeanne Duchange and
Sébastien Dangoin, friends on the benches of the conservatory. In December 2013, the group released a first Ep “Rising Song”, disc which will seal in a totally acoustic version a universe with soundscapes variegated and polyglot with in particular the title “Annia” written and sung in Russian. A series of concerts is given in France and England. Shortly after a Canadian tour accompanied by their third partner, Laurent Kramer, the group released a second disc “For a Modern’Folk” with in particular their title and the introduction of a new language, Spanish to produce a disc with solar and melancholy arrangements released at BMM records and Believe.

Nahotchan, [ké][Za][Ko] is a Japanese first name, it comes from the book that Jeanne’s mother read to her when she was small. This is the story of a little girl who goes camping for the first time and “who wants everything do like the grown-ups”. Behind this character borrowed from the book, we find Adventure, with a capital A. Nahotchan’s journey carries a thousand stories, it suddenly becomes a musical experience where their “Modern’Folk” is told through different soundscapes and echoes the vibrations of the world. At heart of this trio, vocal harmonies both light and powerful, largely inspired by the Staveley- Taylor (The Staves) and Indie-Folk classics like Moriarty.

From Irish pubs to Place Royale in Brussels, passing through the snow-capped mountains of Siberia, Nahotchan is a group of globetrotters who, according to the songs, imagine themselves touring the planet with you.

Marthe Halvorsen

‘For the Dreamers & the Bold’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Marthe Halvorsen is a Montreal based Norwegian artist and composer who weaves together dreamy evocative Indie Folk Music. With a unique sincerity in her voice, Halvorsen has a special ability to touch something deep inside the listener.

Blue Yonder


[alt americana/psych folk]

Press Notes:

Trapped in a cabin deep in the woods with no place to go. A psychedelic mushroom trip goes bad. A house cat escapes into the night. No, this isn’t a horror movie. This is the recording process for Blue Yonder’s latest album.

Recording on a temperamental reel-to-reel tape machine that may have very well been haunted, the band faced its share of hardships and dark times during the week-long excursion to the wilderness of upstate. But light always shines brightest in the dark, and listening to the tracks of “Wise Blood”, you will find yourself basking in the warm glow of the great Blue Yonder.

At the heart and soul of this creation is lead singer and guitarist Karalena Fjortoft’s songwriting, who wrote the first six tracks of the album, including the titular “Wise Blood”. Fjortoft’s songwriting utilizes delicate harmonies and lush chord progressions, using a modern voice both motivated by, and improving upon, a nostalgic sound. Fjortoft claims songwriting was a skill she developed through “emotional necessity”. Combining this with the challenge of the recording session for this record, and you have truly powerful performances preserved in analog glory. “I feel like it made the songs come out with a little for feeling and rawness,” Fjortoft admits.

Specific Coast

‘Everybody Calls Me Son’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Specific Coast is singer-songwriter, Matt Dunne. A veteran of the music industry, Dunne has held positions in concert promotion, artist management, music publishing, and label management. After multiple peers in the industry had come to him for guidance, Dunne created Cactus Coast, a community where artists, songwriters, mixers, and producers could help each other achieve their goals. Dunne began hosting backyard concerts at his home in Silver Lake, providing a unique, intimate setting for artists like Royal & the Serpent to perform. Dunne used this safe space to test out new material for his own project, Specific Coast. Eventually the house shows turned into networking events, which turned into writing sessions, which turned into songs, which turned into several placements in a Netflix series.

Louis Cross

‘Everybody Calls Me Son’


Press Notes:

Greater Manchester born singer-songwriter Louis Cross has been writing songs for over 7 years. With influences ranging from Ed Sheeran Bob Dylan, and The Lumineers, the 21 year old writes relatable songs that aim to raise the voices of disability and the LGBTQ+ community, by sharing his own life experiences in his songs.

The Heart Collectors

‘Pieces II’

[indie folk/roots music]

Press Notes:

“Imagine Fleetwood Mac with more of an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody, and you have a rough idea of why The Heart Collectors are so instantly appealing.” – John T Davis. With the sentimentality of 70’s inspired harmonies, The Hearts combine a progressive lyric wisdom to invite positive change in their music. In the wave of USA and UK tour cancellations due to 2020 lockdowns, the Hearts have continued to find creative ways to connect with both their Australian and International fan bases. They released one track a fortnight from their new record ‘Time To Say I Love You’, as well as being 1 of 12 Australian artists to be part of the premier programme Global Music Match – a world wide initiative to connect musicians and industry in the face of COVID-19 restrictions. From the connections they built through 2020, The Heart Collectors have momentum in 2021, joining Folk Alliance International for Folk Unlocked Private Showcases, ISOL-AID Unlocked, and the Artists in (Their) Residence Programme. Now as the possibilities are opening to tour again in Australia, The Hearts are starting with Tasmania this January/February, With soaring cello, intricate guitar, sparkling mandolin, boot banging banjo, passionate strikes of a tambourine and the thundering of the bodhran drum, these four charismatic performers create real musical synergy, marrying progressive folk feels, rock sensibilities and clean classical precision. Get ready to have your heart collected…

My Politic

‘Cursing at the Night & the Morning’

[alt country/americana/folk]

Press Notes:

Missouri Folklore: Songs & Stories From Home marks My Politic’s 10th album, but also serves as a thoughtful introduction to Guffey and Pankey’s blend of sincere, candid storytelling that echoes the spirit of greats like John Prine, who the band cites as their most significant influence.

Guffey and Pankey’s engaging slice-of-life storytelling, expertly-crafted characters & sibling-like harmony, shape a collection of songs that are as intimate and engaging as they are unforgettable. With Missouri Folklore, My Politic pay homage to the people and places that raised them while highlighting the work needed to cultivate a better environment for themselves and those who come next.

Mojo Brothers Band

‘Women Cars Guns & Guitars’


Press Notes:

Known as the “crowd favorite” at every venue, and festival they play, The Mojo Brothers Band takes pride in delivering dynamic live performances every night. Now with the release of new original music, Mojo fans can enjoy that awesome mixture of country, rock, and blues anytime they want! 
 Couples with song writing sensation Clay Mitchell, The Mojo Brothers latest releases – Women Cars Guns & Guitars, Long Shot and Gypsy Queen deliver the attitude and high energy fans want and expect. These singles are a rockin’ addition to Lightning Comes Around, I Can’t Stand the Way I Like to Live, and Graveyard of Halos…. all released earlier this year. And there’s more Mojo to come! 
 As The Mojos continue to build their original music catalog, they add the Mojo Brothers flavor to songs from their favorite artists, such as Johnny Cash, Pat Green, Tom Petty, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Zac Brown Band, Black Crows, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, The Eagles, Robert Earl Keen, Dwight Yoakam, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more. 
 Whether you come see The Mojo Brothers live or listen on your favorite streaming platform, you’re going to get your money’s worth, guaranteed. Get ready to party and bring your dancin’ boots!

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis