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Maryanna Devlin

‘Gary Indiana’


Press Notes:

Maryanna Devlin is a compelling singer-songwriter whose distinctly narrative, folk-leaning indie rock runs on pure instinct. There’s a supremely natural, vulnerable quality to her music—which resists pop formulas in favor of organic composition—guided by an intuitive understanding of the dynamics of storytelling. For Devlin, music is both an outlet for trauma and an excuse to share our best stories. As a performer, her lush vocals and raw energy have drawn comparisons to both Lana Del Rey and Sharon van Etten, while her unique arrangements and introspective lyrics are informed by a background in theater and a deep love of literature. Now poised to release her debut full-length album, A Great Many Things, in September 2022, Devlin showcases stunning breadth and originality in eight nuanced anthems.

Born in Vermont and raised outside of Boston, Devlin moved to Manhattan after high school to study acting, where she fell in love with the transitive power of art. “When you see a painting or hear a song and become overwhelmed with sudden feeling, that’s the artist’s emotion. I’m fascinated by how art can transcend time and space to connect people, to make them feel less alone,” she says. Devlin didn’t explore the cathartic power of music first-hand until her early twenties, when she began songwriting as a way to process childhood grief. The devastating loss of her brother, who passed away when she was fourteen, led her to pursue music nearly a decade later. “He was an excellent musician, and when he died, there were a lot of emotions I needed to process. But I didn’t know how until seven years later when I started writing songs—then it all poured out of me.” Inspired by Brandi Carlile, she borrowed a guitar and taught herself to play using a pamphlet of chords from her mother. She found singer-songwriter Josh Ritter a few years later, whose idiosyncratic style inspired her to continue creating music in her own, unique way.

Rachel Angel

‘Closer to Myself’


Press Notes:

Voted best songwriter of 2021 by Miami New Times, Rachel Angel’s music straddles the elusive line between alternative country, folk, and rock— taking the listener on a wild journey through the muck of pain & disillusionment, the winding path of the hero’s journey, and ultimately to a place of self enlightenment.

A Miami native, Rachel, rebellious in nature, and unsatisfied with the status quo, ditched the flashy ease of the tropics in search of something authentic and real, finding herself on the coasts of the San Francisco Bay, later on to New York City playing and touring in bands while working at a popular music venue, and ultimately to Valencia, Spain to continue her studies. Personal roadblocks obscured the way: embattled by emotional and spiritual hardships, she reckoned with inner demons, teaching her the importance of seeking home and equilibrium within herself. Through changing landscapes and behind moving windows, she began to see the value of the tried and true saying, “wherever you go, there you are.”

Angel has released three EP’s under her solo project, including Highway Songs in August of 2020 on Public Works Records. Her first LP is slated for release in the fall of 2022.


‘Passing Through’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Montclair is an indie folk-rock band formed in College Station, TX. Combining upbeat and cinematic compositions with reflective lyrics, their style has been compared to Hippo Campus, Houndmouth, and Fleet Foxes.

The four band members combine their variety of musical backgrounds into an engaging, and fun live performance-crafted through the college circuit. Most importantly, they all have different favorite colors! Anna’s is green, Jackson’s is red, Clay’s is orange, and Casen’s is blue.




Press Notes:

Maddisun stands tall as one of Canada’s brightest young independent singer/songwriters.

With songs that explore emotional journeys of love, loss, heartache, growth, redemption, and resilience, she weaves together indie-folk, classic rock, soulful R&B, and electro-pop influences that reflect her raw vocal talent, pure musicality, and unfiltered authenticity.

Born and raised in the wilderness of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Maddisun (aka Maddison Keiver) was raised in a supportive and musical family and displayed precocious artistic talents from her early childhood. She enrolled in dance and piano lessons while still in preschool and found her calling as a live performer even before reaching adolescence. With diverse musical influences such as Sheryl Crow, Maggie Rogers, Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Bridgers offering inspiration, Maddisun honed her skills in songwriting, live performance, and studio production in high school. She spent the next 3 years in Europe, spending 2 of those years in Dublin, Ireland where she cut her teeth on live performance in one of the EU’s best musical centres.

After returning to Canada rejuvenated and determined to succeed as a professional musician, Maddisun dropped her debut album of original material, “Self Reflections”, in August 2020, which earned over 200,000 streams, powered by the popular singles, “Mountain Air”, “Differences”, and “In the End”.

As she explored her sound further with the 2021 singles, “Meant to Be” and “Something True”, Maddisun sharpened her onstage presence in both a full-band environment and as a solo performer before returning to Ireland in 2022 for a new songwriting retreat. Her artistic muse then brought her to Los Angeles-based producers Nick Noto and Chloe Chaidez to guide her next musical project.

The result is Maddisun’s sophomore album, “Home is Where The Music Is” – a deep artistic reflection of the growth, discovery and expression that have been central in her life.

As she continues her enchanting musical journey of discovery and fulfilment while connecting with fans from all corners who share her passion and introspective nature, Maddisun is not going anywhere but upwards.

Dez Boheme

‘Home to That Place’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Dez Boheme is a Kiwi-American singer-songwriter and producer residing in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, USA. Boheme’s debut single “La La Lonely Lies” was self-released on June 23rd, 2021. What’s being said about “La La Lonely Lies” “Boheme’s melodic signature sound resonates with singer-songwriter, Indie-folk pop, and Alt-country genres.”

Charlie Williams


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Charlie Williams is a singer-songwriter from Worcestershire, UK. He first picked up the guitar as a kid and got as far as open mics while at uni, but put it down again to write books and screenplays. He has had several novels published internationally and appeared at literary festivals around the world including Hay, New York Book Expo and Brussels Book Fair. As a screenwriter he has had short film work screened at film festivals including Cannes. Which was all great, but that guitar was still sitting in the corner, pouting. So now he’s back to that. The books, films and songs often tread the same path – people who struggle in life but won’t be beaten by it. Other inspirations are trees, abandoned machinery, running water and people with massive delusions of grandeur

Zach Phillips

‘New Star’

[americana/indie pop/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Zach Phillips is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter. His latest album, “Goddaughters,” follows up 2020’s critically acclaimed “The Wine of Youth,” which was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in the Best Americana Album category — and called “a timeless, yet contemporary masterpiece” by Roots Music Report. “Goddaughters” is a cinematic roots-rock song cycle that draws as much from spectral dream-pop as it does folk and indie. Following in the vein of classic singer-songwriters, the album is an interior travelogue that maps out journeys of longing, seeking and, ultimately, redemption.

Stylistically, there are hints of ’90s alternative (“Worshipers,” “Harmony Grove”) side by side with British folk (“New Star,” “Goddaughters”), all channeled through signature California roots-rock. Equally mantra-like and jagged, dreamlike and soulful, “Goddaughters” lives in a world where spaced-out guitars play nice with organs and mandolins. Where indie rock and indie country go hand in hand.


Madison Violet

‘The Sycamore’

[americana/indie folk]

Press Notes:

Musicians. Wanderers. Artists.

Madison Violet is a Canadian Juno-nominated female musical duo, consisting of Lisa MacIsaac and Brenley MacEachern.

The pair, who grew up on rural Cape Brenton Island, came together musically in the late 1990s, over many evenings in Brenley’s grandmother’s kitchen, which was always bursting with food, family, friends, and instruments.

Influenced by their maritime heritage, the East Coast musicians began creating music together that had roots firmly planted in their past, but with contemporary and modern elements generously overlaid. Categorizing Madison Violet’s music is an impossible task, in that one can hear elements of folk, singer-songwriter, pop, indie, bluegrass, and country flawlessly interwoven throughout.

MacIsaac and MacEachern are exceptional story tellers, skilled multi-instrumentalists, and together, perfect harmonists. Their voices soar, perfectly complimenting each other, as they sing lyrics that will both mend and break your heart.

MacIsaac and MachEachern have released more than 10 albums together. Their latest record “eleven” was self-recorded and produced, ranking MacIssac and MacEachern among the less than 2.1% of female-identifying music producers in the industry.

Scott Hongell

‘Thank God For Today’


Press Notes:

Scott Hongell began his performance career in the third grade making acting and music videos for the Washington County school system. An education in brass instruments ensued before picking up the guitar and performing for his high school talent show both in a rock band playing guitar and a Jazz ensemble playing Trombone.

After joining the Marines Scott performed in his off duty time in the resort areas of the North Carolina Coast. Moving on to the far east Scott performed in bands from Northern to Southern Japan honing his skill of writing original material and musical arrangments in-between a busy live performance schedule.

Scott’s love of performing and writing continues on and he is constantly finding new inspirations to keep his pencil and his guitar warm and busy.

​Slots on the bill of National Acts, television appearances, and corporate shows have made Scott a seasoned pro. Scott is a multi talented musician who plays several different instruments.

Scott’s other interests include fitness, nutrition, and coaching others in the health and wellness field. You can often find Scott with his prized mascot Roxxy dog, his Boston Terrier. We look forward to sharing inspiring music with you and bringing back Hope, Faith, and Love!

The Lowdown Drifters

‘Two Lanes’

[Southern rock/country]

Press Notes:

The Lowdown Drifters are the premier country band from Washington State providing an unparalleled professional live experience mixing their influences of southern rock, folk balladeers, and red dirt country into a sound all their own. With a stage presence sharpened by performances with artists including LeAnn Rimes and the Randy Rogers band the Drifters show is highlighted by guitar driven original anthems and instantly recognizable covers that keep crowds singing along and coming back for more. After spending several years topping the country artist charts in Washington State they have expanded their live show nationwide in support of their Sony Records distributed album Last Call for Dreamers.

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